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drinking so less? Lock Rss

My 9 week old bub is drinking so less compared to other bubs in the forum. She never drank more than 80 ml per feed ( expressed breast milk)! She was born small, 2.6 kg. At her 6 week check up she weighed 4.14 kg.
Since she was born I have been expressing milk after breastfeeding her as she never able to empty the breasts. I neglected expressing once and I came down with breast infection. I have so much expressed milk in the fridge, I had to throw away some because she was never not hungry enough to drink the leftovers.
It seems that she drinks more when she drinks the breastmilk from the bottle, but I really want to keep breastfeeding her. When she's on the breast, she falls asleep easily, leaving my breast still half empty.
What should I do?

Inez, perth WA, Sophie 23/01/06, Jet 21/09/07

It seems like she is putting on weight, is she having enough wet nappies through the day? If so she is probably getting enough. One trick if they fall asleep at the breast is to lift their arm a little bit or tickle the side of their jaw this encourages them to drink again. I reckon if you keep an eye on her weight and as long as that's increasing then not much to worry about. Have you given your child health people a call - they are a great help on the phone or give the Australian Breastfeedin Associatin a buzz they too are awesome. The Queensland number is 3844 8166 or look on the internet in the white pages for your state. Hope that helps.

Karen, BNE

If her weight gains are good then maybe she takes more from your breast than she does from a bottle.

If you have always been expressing than you have always been making more milk than she needs hence the oversupply and the need to express after every feed. Is there a reason you are expressing? Are you going back to work? Or do you want some available if you want to go out?

Generally when your milk comes in you have an oversupply (exploding rock hard boobs) for a few days or weeks till you and your baby get the hang of things and establish how much milk you need to make. The only way to make less milk is to not express as much - if you are worried about mastitis (horrible I know I had it twice with both my first and second children) then if you would normally express 30mls form each boob only express 20mls then 10mls then dont express at all - just let any excess milk release naturally if need be - just make sure you have no large lumps. If you want some milk availble then only express after one feed each day.

I would imagine that expressing after each feed is very limiting to your social life - hopefully your daughter will go through a growth spurt soon and start taking more milk, making all this unnecessary. Best of luck!!

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

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