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peeling nipples...... Rss

Ok I am breast feeding my 6 week old and have noticed that my nipples are peeling! She is a frequent feeder and quite a guzzler. I was wondering whether the peeling is from the many feeds? She at one point bruised my nipples! She was getting quite bad wind from guzzling so hard and fast and she would pull back while trying to let one rip. But she wouldn't let go of my nipple! She would pull that as well and ended up bruising them ( and yes she was attached properly- had it checked by a lactation consultant - so thats not the reason for her wind)

Anyway, my nipples are stinging from the peeling. I am going to get some of that Lanisoh stuff and see if that helps. Anyone else had this or am I am freak!?
I had that at about 2 weeks postpartum...after a shower I'd notice bits peeling off. DD grazed my nipples pretty badly in the first few days, and they got a bit scabby before the peeling started. It's just the dead, damaged skin, I think. I've known others who've had the same thing. Seems pretty normal, if a bit odd LOL

Mine peeled after a few weeks with all 3 girls. I think its just them getting used to their new role! They will toughen up quite soon. I used a nipple cream (marcalen??)from the chemist and found it a god send

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

paw paw ointment! its very soothing and fixes it almost straight away (also works mirracles for nappy rash!)

Thanks for your replies. Glad to see I am not the only one! I ended up using lanisoh(?) Its pure lanolin cream that I got from the chemist. A godsend. I only had to use it once and it healed. Although when bub is having a hungry day, I find they will peel again. Its like its from overuse! But I just whack the cream on and hey presto.
[Edited on 01/05/2009]
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