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breastpads. whats good and whats bad? Lock Rss

also how thick are they?

thanks, if mothers can comment on the brands they have tried would be great.

Of the disposable ones I liked the Rite Aid ones best. Cheap and very discreet. I changed to reusable ones after the 1st month. They are a bit bulkier and I did leak through once, but they are softer and I was sick of the waste and $$ with the disposable ones.

ive used pigeon and johnsons and found both fine for absorbancy, neither are particularly thick. Some I found show more than others through your tops but I didnt think either of these were too bad.
Hi there,
I am currently using the Rite-Aid disposable pads. I find that they are not noticeable through tops and are very absorbant. They are not very thick and are relatively cheap.
In the past I have tried Johnsons and Pigeon disposable and Avent washable breast pads. Personally I prefer the disposable (although this is more expensive and environmentally unfriendly), but I found that the washable pads leaked more, were bulkier, and were frequently left in the bottom of the baby bag when wet.
Hope this helps.
I am currently using Pidgeon. i used them for my first pregnancy also. I love them. They are very absorbent and I haven't leaked once- and I leak a lot of milk. I have also tried Tommy Tippee. I got them free with my breast pump. They were really good but I think they are a bit expensive. I don't think I would use washable ones because as a previous poster said , they often get left at the bottom of the bag - and they would probably get mould etc. So while disposable are not good for the environment, I would definitely use them if I were you.
[Edited on 24/04/2009]
Hi I have used the homebrand ones-very cheap and have only leaked once, but that was because i was out and gave my bub a formula feed instead of a breastfeed-no other problems-highly recommended smile
I've made my own <span class="emoticon gasp">gasp</span>)

I just cut out some circles of scrap materials I had around home like bamboo, hemp and also flannelette. I backed them with PUL which waterproofs it and zig zagged around the outside. They are really slim, can't see them through my clothes, and surprisingly absorbant. And soooo much softer than the disposable ones! They seriously didn't cost me any money to make, as they were all made from scraps.

I've also bought some from here

But when I was using the disposable ones, I found rite-aid best value for money.
[Edited on 22/10/2009]

I use Rite-Aid too. Lie PPs, I find them absorbant and thin enough to not show through clothes. I have tried a no name brand but hated them. I've also used Pigeon and J&J - they're both fine but no better than Rite-Aid in my opinion and are more expensive.

I tried the Avent reusable pads and hated them! They were bulky and showed clearly under clothes and didn't seem to absorb any milk at all. I just leaked straight through.
I totally agree about the Avent reusable ones... They were pathetic! No waterproofing at all. Not worth the money.

I tried so many brands but have found the best ones to be 'Johnson' . They are the only brand that I found didn't irritate my skin. Really soft although a little more expensive. hey are well worth the money. I also bought some of the re-usable 'Avent' pads. These were not so good when I was leaking alot, but now that leaking doesn't happen very often they are fine. When I was leaking all the time, these just did not offer sufficient protection.
i like to use home brand, way cheaper $4.99 for 20 of them! Johnsons one i found stuck to my nipple sad

I used the rite-aid ones too. Quite slim but a bit wider in diameter than most others, and the only ones I tried which didn't show through my clothes. The pidgeon ones made me look like a teenager trying to stuff my bra lol! And they were heaps cheaper than the others

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