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Help with triplets Lock Rss

Hi, I have a friend who is due to have her triplets on May 5th, she also has a boy who has just turned 2 this month. She doesnt have access to the internet and isnt aware of any help that is out there for parents of multiple births... sad thing is when the father found out she was pregnant with triplets he left her... so she finally got a house with Housing NZ in Auckland but is still going to be on the bones of her bum... i always thought that the major nappy companys helped out but she seems to think that they dont do that anymore....

if anyone out there has any info i can pass on to her i would appreciate it!
get her to check with the hossi in aus there is a multipules association for people with twins triplets etc they should be a able to help a bit


As far as I know they still help. Just google multiple births association. And you should find their homepage.
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