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Low Breast Milk Supply Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter 9 days ago. I unfortunlatey had to have a c-section as she wasn't progessing. She was a healthy 4kg, but my problem is that my milk still hasn't come in. I'm lucky to express between 25-40ml which is nowhere near enough for her and I don't think she's getting a lot from the breast. I have had to resort to comping her with formula which I hate. Has anyone else had this problem and does the milk eventually come in? This is my first baby. My parter although he says he would like me to feed Gemma on breast milk alone, always goes straight for the formula. He just lets her gorge on formula until she throws it up again. It feels like he doesn't want me to breastfeed her because it means he gets to feed her less or something. It's getting me very down and I'm still very teary from the whole birth experience. On top of this, I have had to work from the day I got home from hospital as we have own business. I am working from home, but last night, my parter came home and was angry at me because I didn't get all the things done he needed. He said we should reverse roles where I go to the shop and he stay home with Gemma. He said he would be able to get everything done and look after Gemma. He hasn't even spent a whole day with her. I'm scared of not being able to be with my little girls everyday and I'm scared of my partner if I argue with him. Please help.


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa,

Firstly with the milk problem, i would talk to your health nurse or GP to see if they can offer any suggestions. Whatever they recommend, I would go with. If you have to put her on formula then so be it. I remember the guilt I felt when i switched my son over from breast at 10 weeks, but it was something I HAD to do (I has mastitis 6 times in 8 weeks!!). There are lots of mums that want to breastfeed but for one reason or another they can't but the baby still grows up happy & healthy.

Secondly regarding your hubby, i'm sorry but it sounds like he has no idea what it takes to look after a newborn, physically & emotionally!! You need to sit down & talk to each other about your situation & try to set some reasonable goals to achieve during your time at home. He needs to understand the time you are at home you/'re not just sitting around doing nothing, your caruing for your baby.

I probably haven't been much help, but i felt i needed to let you know someone was thinking of you & that you need to get some strength & say what you feel. Stand up for you & your beautiful girl.

Good luck & let us know how you go.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Lisa

Firstly - CONGRATULATIONS smile !!! I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding in the beginning as I had an emergency c-section as well. My son had to go into the special care nursery at 4 days old as he had lost nearly 600g. During that time the nurses called me every couple of hours to come and feed him and if needed I gave him a top up of formula after breastfeeding him. My milk didn't come in until about day 7 and even then there didn't seem to be much there. So for the first 6 weeks I was giving him comp feeds of formula but he only seemed to need it a couple of times a day. He was also feeding really frequently - I mean sometimes only an hour between feeds. But the nurses at our baby clinic told me this was totally normal and he would settle down eventually - which he did. After the first 6 weeks he didn't need formula anymore and I have breastfed him until now - he's 13.5 months old (I'm in the process of weaning now). The advice I was given about comp feeds was to only give after breastfeeding. The best way to boost your own supply is frequent feeding. The nurse also told me that even though you may only be able to express a small amount your baby is more efficient at sucking than a pump so is probably getting more than you can express. Make sure are having plenty to eat and drink LOTS of water. The other thing is you need lots of rest. I would suggest going to your local clinic and getting advice from one of the nurses there, it would also be really good if your husband was able to go with you so he might get a better understanding of what's involved in caring for a newborn - especially in the first few weeks it's a 24 hour job. Do you have any family or friends close by who can come and help you? Sorry if this sounds harsh but you husband sounds really insensitive at the moment, he really should be supporting you and making sure you're well rested. Definitely seek some outside help such as the early childhood nurse. I hope this has helped. Let us know how you go.

Take care
Jasmine smile
Hi Lisa

The health nurse told me too that frequent feeding boosts your milk supply.

As for your hubby I think he is being unfair on you. It is natural for your hormones to be all over the place this soon after the birth so his criticising would not be helping. I also remember reading in another post you having a problem with him regarding how soon you return to work ... it looks like he won on that one. Before our bub was born my partner was the same saying I would be right going back to work nearly straight away. After seeing how much work a baby is he is happy to give me as long as I need to return to work and actually said he is glad he is the one who goes to work cause he thinks my job at home is a lot harder. Maybe trade places with your hubby for a day or two and make him realise how much work is involved with a baby and he might back off about you working too.

It sounds as though this whole situation is getting you really down which you need to be careful about. Do you have family or friends who you can turn to for support and maybe be an ally for you?

All the best, I hope things improve for you soon.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

thanks for all your words! I'm happy to say that my milk supply seems to be getting better. She's had 2 days this week without formula!! As for my husband, he's backed off a little, although still very demanding. I started an 8-week class at the hospital on friday for new mums. I think it will be great for me. Some sort of release! I'm not so teary now and am beginning to enjoy my bub now. I was so scared I'd end up with pn depression. My hubby can be very unreasonable at times. I will certainly leave her with him for a day when I've got plenty of expressed milk. If I was to leave her with him now, he'd just give her formula wgich puts her to sleep for hours - so he wouldn't experience any disruption! A bit nasty, but it's reality! I'll keep you posted.


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on your new beautiful little girl!

It seems to me that breastfeeding is easy for some while for others it can be very difficult. I had my 6th baby in January this year. I was determined that this time I would be able to successfully breastfeed.

Unfortunately, once again, I had trouble with my supply. I went to the health food store and saw a naturapath who put me on to a product called 'Blessed Thistle' capsules. On the bottle it says "traditionally used by nursing mothers to increase milk flow". I found that it did help my supply. Perhaps you could speak to your child health nurse or a naturapath about it.

With my previous baby, the child health nurse put me on to a product called 'Fenugreek'. But be warned, it makes you smell. I asked about it and was told that yes, a side effect can be very bad body odour. So instead of helping to increase my supply, I got very stressed at worrying about what other people were thinking when I stood near them.

Good luck,

Hi Lisa

I'm glad to hear things are getting better. Our baby clinic runs a group for new mums and I wasn't going to go, but a friend told me how helpful it was for her. I'm so glad I went, it's just so reassuring to know that other mums are going through the same things at the same time as you - you don't feel so alone and like you said it's a release for you. After our group finished some of us started walking together once a week and now our babies are all around 14 months old we still catch up about once a fortnight. Keep enjoying your little girl smile !

Take care
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