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How do you tell when a baby is hungry? Lock Rss

How do you tell when a baby is hungry?
Posted: 02-04-2006 06:54 PM
This might sound like a really stupid question but how can you tell when a baby is hungry??

I feed my nearly 4 month on a 3 hrly schedule during the day, but wanted to know what the actual hunger signs are, I know one of them is when they put their hands in their mouths but he does that all the time anyway so I'm never sure whether he is hungry or not. He generally feeds for about 20-40 mins 6 times a day but when he crys at nite I usually don;t feed him as most of the time he seems to be asleep when he is crying.

Sorry if this doesn;t make sense!
My first would cry and it was a different cry to a tired cry. A hungry cry is consistent and loud like wah wah wah wah as opposed to a tired cry which can start and stop. If you listen carefully you will know what I mean, hard to descirbe.
With my second, she rarely cries for food so I have to make a judgement. I assess the time since the last feed and the amount of the last feed. Her hunger cue is like a panting noise, when she does this more likely than not she is hungry. Funny how different they are!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Hi Lany,
my little one does like a coughing noise when shes hungry then a wah wah type of cry, I know what you mean though it's a bit of a guessing game with these newborns!

mum 2 b due 3rd june

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