I have the solution for you! Im a first time mum, although i had the problem of forever changin breastpads! But these things have saved my life trust me! And saved me a lot of money on disposable breast pads!

I was referred by my mum (a midwife/ antenatal educator) to buy LILYPADZ. They cost me 40bucks for a set but are the best invention ever! They are similar to the 'chicken fillet' but thinner. You place it on ur nipple and push the nipple in and smooth the plastic over ur areola/breast. They stay in place (sticky backing and are washable) and can be worn without a bra (perfect for bed, nights out, strapless tops/nice dresses and SWIMMING!)

They work so well and you don't smell like breastmilk 24/7 as they seal the end of ur nipple so you CANT leak even when 'letdown' occurs whilst feeding! Takes a bit of practice to begin with to get them on correctly but once u get the hang of it you will be set! They are vitually invisible under a bra... although depends what kind you wear obviously. They are only about 1mm thick!

The supplier for them in Australia is

FREECALL 1800 227 464

and the website is


GOOD LUCK! and i def think these are worth the money as i went through 40bucks of breastpads in about 2 or 3 weeks at the start! And now i only buy maybe one box every couple of weeks so i have some in the nappy bag when i go out incase something happens and i leave one somewhere... yes i have left one in a parent room before... they are see through/clear colour!!

Good luck and remember it does take about 6-8weeks to establish breastfeeding and will also take this long for your milk supply to settle down! Once you get over this first 6-8weeks it is all smooth sailing! I can assure you as i am really enjoying b/f now the hardest part is over!

Hope this helps breast feeding and leaking mum's out there and if anyone else has tried them - what do u think???

If anyone wants more info or questions about them my msn/email is [email protected]

I swear by these! And i am not joking! They have saved me a fortune in breast pads!

Take care and hope everyone is well!