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Gone up a step in formula, now getting constipated Lock Rss

Hi, my 7mnth old has gone up to the 6mnth old S26 formula, she's been on formula since 6wks of age, and hasn't had any problems with being on it, but now she's gone up a step, she's constipated! I was just wondering if it's happened to anyone else's bebe, and what you did? She does have pureed fruit with t, and i've started her on water!!
[Edited on 01/06/2009]
I think the only major difference with the step 2 formulas is the added iron but if it works better for your little girl you could just put her back on the stop one and make sure she's getting enough iron from her breakfast cereals and other foods.

My MCHN also advised me to add 10mls extra water into each bottle to help avoid constipation but it is also important to increase their water once they start eating solid foods to help aid digestion.

Good luck smile

Hi, I have just changed my daughter over too and she is really badly constipated.I rang Wyeth today and the nurse told me it is best to wean them over to step 2 eg:3 bottles of step 1, 1 bottle of step 2 until the body adjusts. Step 2 is Cassein dominant (milk curd) and is therefore heavier and harder to digest(also recommended for hungry bubs cause it sits in the tummy longer)It also has added iron which can be constipating for some.Step 1 is whey dominant and easily broken down,very similar to breast milk.She did go on to say that I could add extra water eg:10-20mls per bottle and also stew/puree some prunes to give before bed and should have a bowel motion by morning.
She said that it is not really necessary to change over provided they are getting a balanced diet when on solids.I am seriously just thinking to go back to step 1 and just make sure she gets the 'extras' from her solids.
Good luck
i would from my experience put your bub back on 0 plus formula. Doesnt make any difference (except stop the constipation) your baby is getting most of minerals and vitamins from food anyway, it is perfectly ok to have your bub on birth plus formula. best of luck smile
I wouldn't change the formula. I never did. stayed with the from Birth until my daughter started cow's milk. It doesn't matter. I would give boiled water in between feeds or increase pear in diet or if that doen't work buy some prune juice and if that doesn't work try putting a teaspoon of brown sugar in the bottle of formula. Give each of my suggestions time to work before trying the next one. You will probably find the pears should do the job. Try and give the Pears before any other solid and allow at least 20mins before anyother food or milk is given. This will allow the pears to get into the gut. Good luck hope this works. Otherwise see you doctor. Don't self medicate with over the counter laxidives. Not good on little babies systems.
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