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Feeding Baby formula how much??? Lock Rss

My baby is 4 weeks old we are currently feeding her 140mls and is waking up every four hours. Is this to much formula? As i am reading that other people are feeding ther baby 100ml at 6 weeks.
[Edited on 03/06/2009]
not too much at all! however much she wants giv it to her, every 4 hours, thats great! mine wont wait that long between feeds! only during the night

Hi i worked it out by the the calculations my midwife gave me. 150 x babies weight and then divide it by how many feeds a day they have.
Hi it should say at the back of the tin how much bub is meant to have but some babies are just hungrier. My Ds is also 4 weeks old and is having any where between 125ml and 150 ml every 3-4 hours. Some formulas are more filling then others. If your baby is hungry just feed it what ever it wants. My midwife told me that cos i was worried that he was feeding to often but she told me to fill him up and if your baby didnt want it your baby wouldnt drink it.

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I agree,

I stopped breastfeeding my baby when he was 4weeks old because I couldn't supply him enough (he was born 10pd 14oz)so eventually put him on Novalac formula for hungry babies.(It was a very thick formula but was satisfying for him). He was drinking as much as it stated on the tin that a 5 month old should be having but he was having more feeds during the day aswell. My son needed to go to a paedeatrician (sorry can't spell) for something else but she said to feed him as much as he wanted as he was a larger baby if he didn't want it he wouldn't drink it but just make sure I was making it up correctly. My son is now 2 and a thriving bubba.

my son is a big and great feeder, he was knocking off 100 mls at birth! Id feed your baby as much as she wants if shes feeding every four hours. Feeding bub until she is full is the best, dont be tempted to put your bub on a diet as babies are all different and your little one is needing the extra. my two kids always had nearly double the recommended amount on the tin; ignore that. Go by your baby. If your bub is leaving a little bit in the bottle after each feed you are feeding the right amount. smile
if your baby is hungry then just feed it what it wants, they will usually stop drinking when they have had enough - When my boy was that age is was havin 150ml to 180ml he is now 10 weeks old and drinking 210ml to 240ml
my son is 5 1/2 weeeks and has been on 180mls every 4hrs for the past fortnight he was a big boy born (over 5.5kgs now) but he wont settle for smaller frequent feeds ( the chn suggested).

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