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Foods to avoid while breastfeeding? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

My little boy seems to have a very sensitive stomach and he constantly gets very upset in his tummy (and bum). As a result I've decided to put myself on a strict diet eliminating all the things that could possibly be upsetting him and this is where I need your help!

I already know that spicy foods and oranges are off my list of things I'm allowed to eat but is there anything else I should be avoiding? Someone told me that tomato based dishes aren't good either and is chocolate a no-no?

Any advice/experiences you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated ... it looks like I'll be eating very bland food for the next year or so!

Hi Jools,

I was always led to believe that basically if it gives you wind it will give baby wind. I don't know how true it really is.

I know that if I drank any softdrink whatsoever, I seemed to be paying for it with a very upset baby later. It could have been coincidence, but I didn't take any chances. With my first baby I was told to avoid food like cabbage but then when I was in maternity with one of my other babies, that was what turned up at dinner time!

I was also told that eating chocolate would give my baby a rash. Don't ask me how I coped going without that!

I would be interested to know if anyone else has heard of these no no's.


The first few weeks hope with bennett were pretty tough wind wise luckily my parents were staying with us cos we had no idea what was wrong and the big salami feast i had as soon as i gave birth didn't help my boy at all....

That Brauer colic relief that I got in the bounty bag worked so we tried the stomach calm which worked a treat and after a couple of weeks he got used to mummies food. Also as he was born around easter I found that choc wasn't too good for his tum either.

A lady in my mothers group has a bub with reallly bad wind and she took him to a chiropractor and it worked wonders....

I wouldn't go to just any chiro though - I can give you the name of mine and you can have a chat to her and maybe she can advise you of one in your area....

Good Luck

Steph XOXO (PS I know I could have just sent yo uthis via email but i thought other people might like to hear my thoughts too) smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I have found my eating soft drink and chocolate gives Ryan wind so I avoid these foods now while breastfeeding.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo79,

My name is Amanda, I have a 7 week old little boy.
I am also breastfeeding my son.

I have to avoid any foods that is green, because my son can not bring up his wind. I also have to say no to chocolate, but I can have soft drink that dosen't up set him at all.

If you want to talk about anything elso I am online at [email protected] That is if you need to talk about any thing elso.

Hi Jools,
I have a 3mth baby boy as I've found whilst breastfeeding I have to avoid Garlic, Onion, Orange/Pineapple Juice, Peas I've also been told to avoid Cabbage, Brocolli. I don't really know and tried looking up the internet to find out what they say, but all I got was that in India women eat hot and spicy foods and there babies aren't effected. I do think what you eat can cause our babies problems in their little bellys. Hope this has helped a little bit. Good Luck.


I got a chest infection when bub was 7wks told by chemist not to take any medication that dries the chest as milk will also dry up. This included a lot of cough drops, syrups and chest rubs. Inhaling vicks vapors is best

mum to 5

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