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please help! Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottle trouble... Lock Rss


I have never had any probs with the cloer to nature bottles, my son is almost one month old. I went to buy more bottles and teats (as we needed more) and the teats that are on these bottles dont seem to have the anti colic valve working?? is frusturating as everytime my bub sucks they collapse. He wouldnt need the next size up??? it doesnt make sense that the 0-3 month teats on the other older bottles are fine, and these new ones are giving us grief. Has anyone else had this trouble? i havent taken them back as im hoping its just me or something im not doing? im not tightening the bottle ring on too tight, no matter what i do the anti colic valve isnt working.
please help!
I have used these bottles with both my children, and yes when the teats are new the valves can get 'stuck' they do loosen up with use and frequent washing.. Have you tried just squeezing the valve and letting hot water run through it to try and get it working...
Saying that i still have the odd valve trouble every now and then, but as soon as i see the teat collapsing at all i simply spin the bottle a little which releases bubs suction and lets the air in..
I still find them the best bottles though...

Maybe you got a dodgy batch? I think from memory you're meant to have the teats soaking in water if you don't plan on washing them straight away and when you rinse them after washing, you were meant to squeeze the vent to make sure it opens cleanly.

Those teats just don't sound right!

thanks girls, ill give them another good go. Ill soak them and rub the valve thing again and see how we go.....


I used these bottles too and still do with my 17 month olds bedtime bottle. I found the same problem but not with all the teats only one in the 4-6 I bought! and corrected it the same way Amanda did. I now have a friend who has a 2 day old and is having trouble with the bottle so am taking these to her tomorrow in the hope that her bubba will love them as much as ours do wink

I used these bottles with ds1 and i found some of the valves weren't seperated so i had to stick something, like a flat ended skewer, down it slowly and gently to seperate it properly and then,of course, sterilised them and they worked fine after that.

shyone, ds1 09/02/07, ds2 13/02/09 nsw

i contacted tomme tippee, and the lady said exactly what you all have, if it collapses to open the bottle and gently squeeze the valves so it lets air through. Has worked a treat, no more problems and no more frustration! thanks Huggies mums!!!! x
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