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Resistant nipple thrush- going insane!! Lock Rss

Wondering if anyone has some ideas that I haven't yet tried.

I've had nipple thrush for about 3 weeks now. Have used Daktarin gel on my nipples and in bub's mouth, washing the nipples with vinegar after feeds etc and that didn't work. I then used Gentian Violet and that got rid of the incredibly severe pain (thank goodness!!), however, it didn't get rid of the infection completely. I've reduced sugar/yeast/dairy. I thought it was getting a bit better then BAM the real bad pain hit again. Gentian Violet again helped ease it a bit, but still not enough to get rid of it. I took a 5-day course of Nyastin tablets from the doctor and they did nothing. I am day 5 into a 7-day course of Diflucan and STILL NO IMPROVEMENT. All the meantime, I am of course treating my baby girl (was using Daktarin but have switched to Nilstat drops which are much easier!). Bubs did have a thrush nappy rash about 2 weeks ago but that's completely cleared (still using antifungal cream just to be sure though). I have been washing everything with napisan to help kill of the candida. I've been eating lots of natural yoghurt, taking inner health plus capsules, garlic capsules and golden seal.

Yes, I am sure it's thrush- I've seen my midwife, 2 lactation consultants and 2 doctors who all agree it's just really resilient.

My nipples are still very pink, tender and sometimes itchy. They are not cracked or anything, and the skin is fine (ie no peeling or flaking or anything).

I am getting to the end of my tether. Is there anything else that might get rid of this candida once and for all? I have this horrible feeling that I might just have to 'learn to live with it'!

Thanks in advance, Kerrie

First off I want to say that I am in awe! Most people would not still be bf if they've had to put up with thrush for THREE weeks! I've had it both times I was bf, second time asymptomatic in me and I have to say it sucks! LOL I was fortunate though because the conventional things cleared it up.

I did find this from Dr William Sears which might be helpful; scroll to the bottom of the page as most of the things he recommends you seem to have done but he does have some suggestions for persistent cases like yours.

Good luck and I hope it goes away soon.


hi - omg - SAME! its bloody hard to get rid of i know. the pain has gone for me but nipples still pink and i get the odd twinge and now my toddler has it on his bum really bad and so does my 10week old so its a nightmare! I wash my bras and the kids clothes in hot water - expensive i know. also dont bathe with your bubby. i shower only. it can spread very easily. i used miconazole cream and nilstat and found that was good although it has obviously not completely cleared up yet even though its been weeks (most of my newborns life) but at least the pain is gone. i also found changing out my breast pads every feed helped. i also wash my hands so much ive got dry yucky hands lol. let me know how you go cause i am still battling the thrush war myself!
good luck

Hi Joeliee,
Well, the last thing I did was see a naturapath who gave me a bottle of calendula liquid to mix with water and salt and bathe my nipples in for 5 mins after each feed. I did this for a week and didn't really notice any change. So, I have decided to stop bothering with 'treatment' and see what happens. My nipples still look pinkish and today I have a bit of pain in one breast, but am hoping it might just be my mind playing tricks on me since I've become so usedto having the thrush! I will probably still apply some vinegar or daktarin every now and then just in case but have decided to stop the merry-go-round. Obviously though, if I notice any signs on thrush in my bubs, then straight onto treatment for us both. She hasn't got any signs at all so here's hopig it stays that way.

Oh, I did just read that coconut extra virgin oil is a good antifungal, so I might try and order some of that to apply (and do so when convenient, rather than stressing about it after each feed). If it doesn't do anything for my nipples, I can still using it for cooking!

Hope you have some luck with your boobs. Let me know if there's something that finally gets it gone for good for you.

smile Kerrie
Hi Kerrie,

Well done for sticking with it - you are doing a brilliant job!!

I know you said it is definitely thrush, but.... could it be a staph infection (ie, bacteria)??? Has your doctor done a swab to check??? A lot of 'thrush' cases turn out to be a staph infection, which can be treated with anti-biotics.

Just a thought....

Hi Kerrie.
so funny, because i have stopped the merry go round too! im over it and i too have the odd twinge but wonder if it s in my head. lol. my nipples are still pink but oh well. bubs is fine so im not bothered either. as soon as it looks to be coming back ill start treatment again but untill then im over stressing. god i hope it doesnt though, the pain is not cool! good luck to you!

Joeliee, we are 2 peas in a pod!

Thanks for the Staph infection idea Naomi. I hadn't considered that. If it flares up again I'll definitely get a swab taken and see what the deal is.
Last week, a friend of mine told me that when she had nipple thrush issues a few years ago, the thing that finally got rid of it for her was having very hot showers and letting the water run over the nipples as much as possible.

Over a few days I had my shower as hot as I could handle, and it seems to have done the trick (as yeast doesn't like heat, this makes sense!). Hope someone else might also fin this useful.
THRUSH WAR!! omg im in the same boat!! ive had canestan cream, Diflucan duo tablet and i still cant get rid of thrush!!! ive had it for 7 weeks!!! rrrrhhh!!! im seeing my doc to try and finally get rid of it, i dont know whats going to get rid of it its driving me insaine!! my caeser scar got it as well, but thankfully cream is getting rid if it. I hate thrush!!!
i have only just been diagnosed with nipple thrush and am taking 3 tablets of diflucan and bubs is having mycostatin oral drops im trying to air them as much as possible and keep them dry i have never heard of the vineger thing though could some1 please shed the light on this treatment do you dilute it then put it on the breast anyway more information on this would be great.

So glad I found these comments... My baby is nearly 6 weeks old and I've been treating "thrush" in bubs mouth and my nipples for just over two weeks. Toe curling pain has stopped but nipples still bright pink and I wouldn't say that feeding was anywhere near comfortable. Have been taking fluconazole and nilstat tablets since Friday. Just read on one website the the Daktarin gel is full of sucrose which yeast thrives on so now I don't know whether to continue this or just take the tablets... Determined to bf but didn't expect it to be this hard. I hope it gets better for all of you and if you come up with any other solutions please let me know.
P.S. From what I've read with the vinegar it is 1 tsp in 1 cup of water... wash nipples after every feed and wash off before next feed...
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