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Which wind mixture works???? Rss

Hi everyone...
Little Mia has been in and out of hospital most of her 7 week little life.. On top of that we are battling with her wind... The paedeatrician put her on Losec for reflux and doesnt believe in wind formulas but said I was more than welcome to try them... The poor little thing has been thru enough and if we could take some of her wind pain away, I will try anything....
What has worked for you?????

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

Poor wee Mia! my DS (now 7wks) also has wind issues and when we were in hospital the nurses & pedeatrician dismissed my concerns about his wind. I was so annoyed - finally plunket listened to me and we went to see another pedeatritan who said he had a cows milk allergy! The symptions of refulx/wind are almost the same as a milk allergy. However, turns out my DS has refulx, colic, cows milk allergy, eszema & another skin issue. He is now on a special formula - neocate.
I have DS on losec which is REALLY hard to give him as he gags and then spews but we finally have a method that works - dip your finger in pear puree, then put the losec on your finger and stick it in the mouth, they will suck then follw this up with the bottle or breast. It has worked the last 2 times for us.
My DS is still in loads of pain with his wind, he just screams and cries when trying to do a poo and even in his sleep he is straining and making terriable noises. He isn't doing a poo very often and every feed is difficult as he won't eat as he wants to poo.
I have rung the doctor today so waiting to hear what they have to say about that.
Good luck - keep us updated.
I found Infacol wind drops worked wonders for my DS. They took 2 days to really kick in but they helped him bring up a nice big burp after a feed. The active ingredient also isn't absorbed into the body so it's very safe.

I hope Mia finds some relief soon!

Hi ladies,
My 8 weeks son also has wind problem that wakes him up about two hours after each feed screaming trying to pass wind or poo... He was not a burp-er until I put him on Infacol 3 weeks ago and now he burps after every feed, which helps with the wind. He is still scream trying to poo, a little less than before and hopefully he will grow out of it.

DS 30/06/09

Infacol is really good as is Infants friend, you get more for your buck with infants friend, Infacol is about $9 with 30mls whereas Infants friend is the same price for 100ml

I totally agree either infants friend or infacol are the best invention ever!

Infants Friend worked wonders with my DD, who had really really bad colic.
Hi, my 6wk old DD suffers from bad wind to which she cries to pass and is extremely unsettled after feeds and wont sleep. Upon advice im going to give her pro-biotic powder. Inner health plus for kids.

Apparently antibiotics can throw out there digestive system so if bubs has had any it may be worth a try. Also c-section babies also benefit from it as they didnt get the bowels etc squashed and all the bad stuff pushed out apparently. My sis used it on both her bubs and hasnt had a sleepness night due to wind since. (my DD was c-section and on antibiotics for health issues at 9days old)

Im going to try it tonight and let you know if it works...

Mum to Campbell (7) Kaitlyn (2) and Pippa (newborn

OMG best stuff ever, wish i bought it earlier. She has had no problems with wind what so ever since giving her, her second dose. Nothing at all smile

Recommend everyone takes it!!!

Mum to Campbell (7) Kaitlyn (2) and Pippa (newborn

Hi Kezz did you end up finding a solution for your baby? Mine is now 11 weeks and similar issues. We've been prescribed Wesley Wind Mixture but haven't got it yet. Anyone else tried this one with their baby?
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