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Newborn Feeding Problems - Advice Please Lock Rss

Hi Everyone smile

My baby is nearly 3 weeks old and has been feeding every 1 hour to 2 hours max since he was born (breast fed). My midwife says that he is just a hungry baby but Im concerned that my milk is either not very high quality or there is just not enough of it. About 5 days ago I started giving him one feed of formula at night before bed as he was just so hungry and that managed to calm him down and get up to 3 hours sleep but he would then go back to waking every hour or so once I went back to breastfeeding. I have never had any leakage and my breast have been firm so I assumed I had adequate milk supply. The past few days he has been increasingly upset after a feed and then tonight he feed for an hour and was beside himself hungry so I tried to express and after 10 mins I only has a couple of mls, my breast are now soft and appear to have reduced in size. Is it possible that my milk has disappeared? I have just given him formula as he was beside himself and he drunk 90mls so clearly didn't get a lot if anything from his hour of feeding. I will be gutted if I can't breastfeed anymore, giving him formula once or twice a day is one thing but to have to do it full time will be disappointing. Any comment advice would be appreciated smile
I had the exact same drama. I put my son on formula after the first week and he is so much happier now. I'm very disappointed I couldnt continue to breastfeed, but he'd lost almost 600g in the first week. I couldn't stand to see him so upset.

I hope this helps!
Thanks smile
Oh I should tell you too, he also gained 900g in the first week of being on straight formula.
I was exactly as per the above post..I did try to continue for 6 weeks but my DD was also a reflux baby with poor attachment as well as I had poor milk supply..she lost over half kg in 5 days..and we forever played catch up..admitedly she still is..she was a decent baby at birth also..but now sits in the very low percentile as she wasnt getting enough..She is formula fed and is a much happier baby and I am a much happier was the hardest decision but I knew it was for the best..

There is nothing wrong with your milk. It takes a while to get the hang of bf and takes a little while to build up your supply. If you're having doubts or questions give the ABA a call. Personally I would NOT be giving formula top ups too regularly at this stage if you can help it, the more time your baby has on you the better for your supply.
Have a look at the ABA website and also some great info at the kellymom website
Good luck <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Hi there, I too am exactly the same with my 1 week old. While in the hospital he would get himself so worked up after feeds that I stressed out too, in the end I decided to suppliment feed, so I bf him on both sides then he gets formula which settles him down, andh ave done this since he was 3 days old. I have enough milk for him as I also express so I know I have the milk, each time I express I am getting around 60mls. I am off to the lactation consultant next week to get to the bottom as to why he is not satisfied after being bf. How is everyone getting on now?

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I had the exact problem, I was bf every 2 hours and she never seemed satisfied and it took a long long time for her to settle down. Bub kept loosing weight so we had to top up her feeds with formula, eventually we just switched her to formula all together, she sleeps incredibly well now and will go 4 or so hours between feeds (she is 3 months now). I thought I had a problem with my milk supply, I never experienced engorgement, my breasts were not really firm like I had been told they should be and when I expressed I was lucky to get 10mls.
If you have to formula feed to get bub to gain some healthy weight then do it, dont feel guilty, your doing whats best for you and your bub, formula feeding will also give you the opportunity for hubby to feed bub so you can get some much needed rest! smile

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Posted by: ~Ruby~Gloom~
There is nothing wrong with your milk.
Good luck smile

I just thought I should say that although I do support bf there has been cases where the milk does not contain either enough nutrition or fat. This is rare, but it's unfair for you to say that there is 'nothing wrong' and to make a mother feel bad about giving formula. It's a mother's choice to BF or not, regardless of whether there's a medical problem or not, even a mother choosing not to bf because she's stressed or finds it easier - I think the main point here is that at least the baby is getting fed, its not being neglected, it's loved & happy. Yes I plan on bf, but also if it doesn't work for me I'll go to formula. I have family members that were solely bf & others that were solely formula & to be honest you can't tell the difference!

Posted by: Renee_85
it's unfair for you to say that there is 'nothing wrong' and to make a mother feel bad about giving formula.

I have not "made" anyone feel anything.
The op was concerned that there was something wrong with her milk, it's a concern that I think many bf mums have at sometime or another, I was addressing that concern. I read an article recently about the breastmilk and that barring ill health or malnutrition of the mother the composition of all breastmilk is almost the same.
It is a shame when women (incorrectly) believe that thier is something wrong with thier milk or that they do not have enough of it and then resort to formula - more support for bf would help, which is why I posted the links.

Perhaps some of these might be of interest too:)
Infant formula info lots of good links within this article too.
Mothers Milk
Breastfeeding Myths
Common Milk supply problems

And on this milk not containing enough fat and calories; if that were true then how do explain extremely malnourished mothers in India and Africa that are able to feed their babies? Your health is going to suffer way before your baby's does. Mature HUMAN milk contains MORE fat and calories per ounce than formula and the majority of foods out there, that is a FACT....what someone feels or doesn't feel is on them.

I had two 'poor' weight was comped (which did NAFF all by the way) and the other wasn't and not a thing wrong with either of them...actually DS1 had horrible reflux which I think was the major issue with his weight. DS1 is now off the top of the charts for height and weight for his age and he's just turned 6. DS2, while still playing 'catch up' is now sitting over the 50th centile for weight. My toddlers gain weight, my babies do not, that's who they are. Had I not had some very kind person point me in the right direction to know what was at work I might not have even attempted to bf DS2 because the health professionals had me convinced that my milk was to 'blame' with DS1, when in fact they had no idea what they were talking about.

Support is not about making women feel bad about their choices, based on information they had when they made them; it's about making sure the FACTS are out there and encourage women to continue to do what they feel is best for them. I needed SUPPORT to carry on bf DS1, what I got instead was a bunch of misleading and downright wrong information that meant that our bf relationship was severely compromised and led to him weaning early which was never my intention when I started out comping him. I wish I had known where to go for help back then, I wish I had known one bf mother who knew her stuff who I could have bounced ideas off of.

When you post in a public forum like this, asking a question, you are sometimes going to hear something that you might not want or expect to that case ignore what you don't feel comfortable with and take on board what you might be willing to try. No one can 'make' anyone feel anything.

with my second i had some trouble with milk supply.... I just had to increase the amount of fluids i was drinking, and the midwife suggested having a drink of sustegen or some other form of nutrient rich milk drink (i think ensure is another one), once a day along with your regular meals..
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