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using three kinds of methods to feed. Lock Rss

I have a 3 week old baby girl (bub no 2) and she is having problems with feeding.
I am BF but it hurts so much. Ive seen the lactation nurse and she said everything was good. So now Im using a nipple shield every other feed, then using nothing the others and I have also started to express and giving a bottle once a day to give my poor nipples a rest.
Has anyone else done this.
With Bub no 1 I also had troubles but it sorted it self out within a couple of weeks.
Have you had her checked for tongue tie?
My baby girl had this and for the first couple of weeks (until I had it sorted) it was very painful to feed. While the attachment looked ok, her tongue was too short to get a proper grip and she would end up chewing on the nipple instead and it hurt like crazy. I had bleeding nipples and had to also use a nipple shield.
A health nurse pointed out the problem and once I had it snipped a little underneath the tongue, it was all ok.
yeah I have. It was one of the first things I asked the nurse about and she said all was fine.
Thanks again
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