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Taking too long to feed Lock Rss

my 6week old is taking 1hr to complete each feed, she also has lots of wind, and falls aslepp through the feed all the time. i have changed teats in the past 2 days but that does not seem to help either. should i change to another type/style of teat?

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08


I am gathering you are bottle feeding...... My little one took an hour or so to feed on the bottle in the first few weeks. Aimee went over to the bottle at about 2 weeks, it took her awhile to get use to feeding but now it takes her under 10 mins to take a 250ml bottle. I am finding the avent bottles are good, I used them with my first son and have just used them with Aimee. Just a tip, maybe the flow is too slow for your little one and it is taking alot of effort to get the milk out, maybe try a faster flowing teat, just a suggestion. As for the wind, maybe try some wind drops, we tried them with Aimee and it helped her so much, you can tell when we forget to give them to her, she is cranky as.

Well I hope I have helped you a litle. Goodluck and hope it gets better soon.

Hi Heather,

Yes i am bottle feeding. Kayla was on Avent Bottles as that is what i used for my first child, it seems the teats where to big for her mouth so after 2days of trying other brands and sizes we finally found one that seems to be working - Pigeon Bottle/Teats. She now only take about 15-20mins each feed and is sleeping much better now and she has very little wind now.


Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

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