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What are the signs of reflux.
My 4 week old DD has been very unsettled the last couple of days and nothing I do seems to settle her.
She doesnt burp very well ( even thou we are at it for awhile) and thought it might be reflux.
Hi Bobbielee,

Sounds like colic..My daughter had this problem..Except she used to scream, cry and be unsettled alot of the time and rarely slept during the day..I started putting gripe water on her dummy (which is not really recommended as it could rot the teeth), but I found it was the only way she would take a dummy to calm herself down!) I then put her on 'Infacol drops' these worked like a charm!

Unless you take her to your GP to assess whether it IS reflux, I would'nt be changing her formula..just try the drops and see??
Hi Bobbielee
My little girl gets very unsettled as well and we have found out it is reflux. Some signs are lots of vomiting and making a gulping sound about 20 minutes after a feed (or even after that), screwing up face before crying (as if tasting something really bad) and lots of other things as well. She also has very bad wind problems, especially lower wind pain which is harder to relieve than burps! What we do is give her Infacol before her feed and then put Infants Friend in her bottle. (She is formula fed). Infants Friend can also be given straight in the mouth if you prefer it this way and it does wonders to relieve our bubs so definitely worth a try for you.
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