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How do I make more milk? Lock Rss

Hi girls!

Anyone have any advice on how to up my milk supply? My 8 week old wee boy seems to want to feed constantly in the afternoon and when I try to express I only getting little drips. So I think he cant be getting much.... I try to keep drinking but It hardly makes a difference. Any advice would be very welcome smile

I can understand your concern BUT neither of those things is an indication that you have a supply problem. What he is doing is normal. How is he otherwise; does he seem content between feeds, is he growing overall (so weight, height AND head circumference), do you have at least 6 wet nappies a day and is he pooing regularly? If he is and you are feeding to his cues then you shouldn't have a supply issue.

A pump is NEVER going to be able to get milk out of your breasts like your baby can and there are plenty of women with more than adequate milk supplies who can't pump to save their lives. Even when I was pumping regularly output could vary wildly, even in what I call my Grade A breast (seemed to have more milk in it that the other one). "Cluster" feeding in the early arvo/evening is normal too, it can last up to 12 weeks......though DS2 did it for nearly 6 months. Add in frequent growth spurts and the odd 'wonder' week (there is one at around 8 weeks) and it sounds to me like things are okay. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

The best thing for supply problems is to feed, feed and feed some more. This is a good read to determine if there is potentially an issue with supply and should provide some tips if you think you have a supply problem.

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply, he is growing at a fantastic rate and weeing heaps, but just started to poo only once a week, been to doc and they said that is quite common.

He is fine in the morning wakes up and has a feed then happily has cuddles and time on the floor kicking his wee legs about, tummy time etc then goes off to sleep after another wee top up feed, so is up for about 3 hours total.

Sleeps for bout 3-4 hours then when he wakes he feeds but hes not really happy to do anything else, he will be content for 20mins to half hour at a time if I lucky but otherwise he just cries all the time unless he is back at breast, also refuses to go back for another sleep, so hard to get anything done, also we have a 3 year old boy who needs my time as well! I thought it was I didnt have enough milk to fill him but after reading that link, maybe he is cluster feeding?
Thanks again for your reply


if you want to increase your milk supply i found milk thistle and fenugreek vitamins very helpful. hope this helps
I think everyone else has pretty much covered it.
Just wondering when you say you try exspress to see how much comes out do you do it by hand or with a pump because you can get alot more usually with a pump then by hand.
Also I came across a product a thew weeks ago its made by wadela and its called breast feeding tea maybe give that ago, as far as i'm aware its meant to help increase milk supply and quality.
hi there, I too had issues with supply - due to a medical condition. My baby boy is now 5 weeks old and I think my supply is on the way up - i understand your frustration. Boys are big eaters if ya ask me. Anyway, I have been drinking Tigers milk, which my midwife & lactation consultant recommended. They also mentioned Wonder Fudge, which I made yesterday. My baby favoured 1 side due to a "bung titty" as my partner referred to it as, but after expressing today, I am now able to get more than 10mls out of it. Try 50mls!!!! So excited right now. I reckon the tigers milk and wonder fudge had something to do with it. If ya want the recpie - PM me and I will be happy to give it to you! Hope all is going well with feeding though! Perserverence is the key!

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at 8 weeks your baby has a growth spurt and it can seem like you have no milk left ..your baby is much more efficient at getting out milk then a pump will be !!

believe in your body and trust yourself are doing a fantastic job !!

but if your worried then drink lots of water and maybe go for something like fenugreek (although be warned that this herb can have the opposite effect on a small number of people )

I am not an advocate for formula but if you feel this is somethign that will keep you sane then I say go for it will not hurt the baby at all and might help to keep him full for a little longer at night !!

My bub is nearly 3.5months and she has regular groeth spurts only takes a day and my supply is increased!! ...

best of luck !!
hey i just heard today that if you eat raw macaroni your milk supply will increase. don't know how true it is but worth a try if you are having troubles.
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