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Opinions on brand of formula for a newborn pls Lock Rss

Hi all.

I only have a few weeks to go until I have a C-Sect and want to get prepared.

I have a DD that I had huge amounts of problem feeding due to reflux, mastitis, chaffed/bleeding nipples and just emotionally screwed up at the time. I consulted with my GP and I put her on formula. I never looked

since I have lined up for no. 2, I want to be prepared this time and want to know opinions on the best formula to feed a newborn if necessary. I will try to breastfeed for a few weeks, but will be more than happy to have hime formula fed.

Could you please advise what you think the best brand of formula is for a newborn from birth? Thanks,

In my experiences I think it took me at least three months with each baby to settle into breastfeeding. Sore, bleeding nipples etc was just part of the territory for me too (and I'm sure many others). There are things you can do before the birth to improve your chances. Have a look here
The fact that your having a c/s will not help but you could improve your outcome by scheduling the surgery as close to 40wks as possible.
Good luck, I hope you have a better experience this time <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

There's no "best" brand for newborns, they are all much of a muchness in so far as nutrients and quality.

There are "gold" formulas which are more expensive but not necessarily better as the higher iron content can cause constipation (S26 Gold is particularly renowned for this).

I'd just pick a regular formula and see how bub takes to it, unless there is an issue like reflux or lactose intolerance then baby should be fine on any regular "from birth to six months" formula.

All the best smile
Hi there:)
I had to put my baby boy on formula at 4 weeks as milk supply dried up. He was 4 weeks prem so was very nervous about the effect formula would have on his digestive system. We were recommended S26 Gold by our midwife and he seems to be thriving on it. Good luck!
Hi Anam1
My DD is now 9 weeks old but she has been on formula since 2 weeks old. Over this time I have tried 5 different formulas as she had a lot of wind problems and has reflux. It was not until we switched her to goats milk formula that we have a very contented and happy little baby. If I had of known how good this was from the start I would have put her on it straight away. You will get very mixed reactions from doctors about goats milk formula, but my pead has advised me it is perfectly fine to give and the naturopath, health food owner and chiropractor all agree it is the closest to breastmilk and easiest for baby to digest/tolerate. I can't recommend it highly enough as it made a huge difference to our DD. Unfortunately there is only one available (Karicare Goats Milk Formula) and it's a lot more expensive than the other formula's, but in my opinion you can't put a price on your baby's health/happiness. Good luck with whatever you choose.
I used NAN and NAN Gold for both of my boys as S26 has quite a reputation for constipating the little ones, i heard that NAN is the closest formula to breastmilk, both my boys thrivedon it. I BF my daughter till she was 14mths old and never used formula for her. But if I cant feed #4 i will be going straight back to using NAN.


I work in pharmacy, and i had to formula feed my daughter from about 6 weeks (she's now 2), and like you am going to have formula on hand just in case i need it for no2 due in March.
By far the best seller (and the one i use) is NAN. I would go for the regular silver lid tin, and only bother going for the HA in the gold lid if you have problems with reflux etc again. Nutritionally they're the same but the HA is more easily digested and more expensive. S26 and Karicare and Heinz are all also popular, but i've heard of a few people having problems with these, but haven't heard of any problems with NAN
Every baby is different and you may find that you don't suffer the same issues breastfeeding this time. I'm really glad that you realise the importance of at least feeding your LO for a few weeks since there is some very important elements to the early colostrum and breast milk that you can't get from any formula.

It's great to be prepared and examine you choices in formula, but don't condem your breastfeeding relationship before it has started. You might find it a breeze this time and continue to 6months, 12 months or even longer!

Have a look at the Australia Breastfeeding Association web pages and forum for some great advice. There are loads of mums who formula fed their first children but have breast fed their subsequent children. Put the free help line number on your fridge too 1800 mum2mum (1800 686268)
Hi! Firstly, good luck with your upcoming birth!!!
Definately use NAN. It is a little dearer, yet is the best for helping with constipation and wind. Just use the regular one. The HA and gold varieties are just "extras" that bub doesn't really need. My midwife advised me that NAN was the closest to breast milk and by far the most popular with mums who wanted to breastfeed, but couldn't.
All the best!
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