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How long until sore breasts settle down after newborn?? Lock Rss

Just wondering if any one can tell me how long it takes until milk supply starts to work itself out and how long until breasts aren't super tender any more? My DS is nearly 2 weeks old and feeding is other wise going really well, apart from having to much milk and being really sore/hot/engorged??

How long til I feel semi normal again or is it going to be like this until I stop breast feeding??

Thanks smile

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It took about 2-3 weeks for mine to settle.

The best thing I did when they were engorged and sore, was put some chilled cabbage leaves in my bra...worked fantastic.
some people say to massage in the shower but it didnt work for me.
Whenever they felt sore I expressed until they were totally empty.
It took maybe 3-4 weeks for things to settle down for me, it will definitely settle down by 6 weeks when you might even start to think you don't have enough!
I remember thinking the same thing. I was still using the lansinoh cream on my sore nipples at 2 weeks but now I never use it but still need to wear breastpads just at night.

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