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Constipation - 11 days old Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone has any tips on helping with constipation? I've had so much conflicting advice it's very confusing.

We switched from BF to formula at 7 days old as I had major problems breast feeding. Up til then he had a dirty nappy with practically every feed. Now he seems to be really struggling and his motions are getting harder and only 1 per day if we are lucky.

I've tried 5ml of prune juice in a 20ml of water and this helped initially but not much since then and I don't really want to rely on that all the time.

Any advice would be very welcome.

my DS was constipated too and i used coloxyl drops from the pharamacy. they worked really well (had to give dose 3 times a day). now if i see he has a really hard poo i just add the drops to his next feed and it stops him from becoming constipated.

hi lisa, just wondering if you have tried just giving some warm boiled water? One poo per day is good and dont worry even if it is every second day.
Also it doesnt hurt to give them prune juice every second day or so, it actually helped my little one to develop a routine.

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

Hi Lisa

We had exactly the same problems. We switched from expressed breast milk (where she was pooing after every feed) to S26 Gold formula at 2 weeks and our little girl became constipated too. After many trials - extra water, not packing in the formula, prune juice and coloxyl drops nothing seemed to work.

We went for her 6 week check up with the paediatrician and he said the prune juice just iritates their bowels that's how it works. He suggested we switch to the Nan formula which apparently gives the softest poos. He also warned it can also give the smelliest ones - he's right :-)The poos are also a very dark green colour but I've been told this is normal with this formula. I've also read that it's supposed to be the closest to breast milk and the easiest to digest.

Now she doesn't seem to strain as much but only poos once every 2 days. But we have found she is very windy (from the rear end) on this formula which does trouble her a little. But others have posted their little ones have no troubles.

My child health nurse also said it can just take time (up to a week) for their little bodies to adjust. So you can either try waiting it out or try a change in formula.

They say it can take a few formulas to find the one that suits your baby best.

Hope that helps a little!

Harder motions and once a day is pretty normal for a FF baby. This means the consistency of toothpaste, not like ours (pardon me). BF babies have watery motions after almost every feed for about the first 6-8 weeks.

Are you on S26 Gold by any chance? Great reputation for giving baby constipation.

My son was like that with S26 and I changed him over to Nan 1 Ha. I agree with MMM (above post) and also agree with the peadiatrician about the poos (gosh, open the doors and air). They are dark green and REALLY smelly!

You could try a little brown sugar in some cooled boiled water for a laxative, but at only a week old I would look into the formula issue first.

Hope this helps!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

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