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biting down on nipple Rss

Hi there,
My little guy is nearly 3 months old. He has decided to the last couple of days at each feed to bit down and "clamp"on my nipple during feeding which is really annoying. I have not eaten anything different and have a good let down and good milk supply. When i say "no" and take him of he laughs at me. LOL!! He shouldn't be teething?
Both my boys started teething at three months and i found the first thing they did when teething was to bite or "clamp" down on my nipple-you need to put a stop to it now as when they do get teeth it really hurts!!
This may sound a little harsh but when mine did it i would give them a little flick on the cheek and sternly say "no" or "naughty" and take them off for a few mins. they would get upset and cry a bit but it only took a few times for them to realise that if they were to do it it resuted in unpleasent things!

not everyone can do that though i understand but it worked for me!

good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

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