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wind & breastfed babies` Lock Rss

Any breastfed babies out there who have wind? Apparently bottle fed babies will get more wind than breastfed babies.

Mine seems to have quite alot and i'm concerned about where its all coming from?

Could she not be latching on properly to my breast and therefore taking in more wind??

I am using infacol which seems to work.

Any feedback would be great.


I b/f Jeb until he was 9 weeks and he had a lot of wind. I don't know if it's coz I put him on the bottle or just started feeding him better but by the time he was about 12 weeks his wind was heaps less. One thing I did do was burp a lot more during feeds, every 3mins or 30ml. This helped heaps in bring up wind easier and Jeb being able to get more food in. Hope this helps smile
My DD got terrible wind and she is breastfed. I begun using Marina Infant Mixture and give her 4mL before every feed up to 8 times a day. Most important that i give it to her for her first morning feed (she sleeps through the night) as she tends to 'gulp' when the letdown occurs which is where they get the wind from! As you probably know, bottles have air in them so they gulp down the air as well, but breastfeeding, the breast collapses, so to speak, and their (obviously) isnt air in it that they can swallow! I found that using Marina Infant Mixture helped, and made sure that she did a few burps between breasts, and especially at the end of the feed.

I doubt it is a result of not latching on properly as if she was doing this then you would have sore nipples, and bubs would likely to be unsettled from not being fed properly.

Hope this helps and that things are improving

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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