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Medication to increase breast milk supply Lock Rss

Hi everybody,
I'm new to this forum. My little one is 4 weeks old (she is my first child).
When she was first born, I had a lot of trouble breast feeding her. My milk didnt come in until the end of day 4. She was starving. At birth she weighed 3.895kg, by the time I was discharged on day 5, she weighed 515grams less.
A friend of mine informed me that there is drug that can help the breast milk supply. Does anybody on this forum know of this drug?? Has anybody taken?
I'm disappointed that staff didn't advise me of this medication. They all knew that I was having difficulty and that my supply was really low.
Im looking forward to hearing any advice. I'm currently giving formula (4 feeds) and breast milk (2 feeds)
hey matie,

i dont no how you feel about natural medicine, but there are some great herbs that work amazingly, if you go and have a chat with someone in your nearest healthfood shop they will be able to help hopefully.. my sister inlaw is taking some at the moment, and a few of my frinds were getting desperate as they to also wanted there child to benifit off breast milk. the results have been amazing with these herbs..
i hope you work it out,
Hi there

I have recently had issues with my supply also. I think the medication your talking about is Domperidone (?) or Maxalon.

Instead of heading to the doctor I tried a few natural things. Try taking Fenugreek (you can get it from the health food shop). It works well but you need to take a lot of it and it can get a bit expensive.

I've recently baked some lactation cookies which have worked really well for me. Also a drink called Tigers milk or just drinking Aktavite which you get from the supermarket. PM me if you would like any of these recipes.

Both of these things have worked a treat for me. I went from having to top DS up with expressed milk after a feed, to leaking from my boobs again!!

I know you've probably heard it all before, but the more you try to breastfeed the more milk you'll produce. If you're not already, maybe you could try attaching bubs to each breast for a bit before her forumla feeds. This may help to stimulate your breasts to make more milk!!

can i also say on top of what everyone else has said that if you are bottle feeding formula your breast milk will never increase...... you need to feed feed feed to bring it up. its a suppy and demand thing if you are not using it will will not increase. breast feed babies don't drink as much as bottle feed babies because they don't need too. i would feed your baby at every feed it is due...... stop formula feeding and eat and drink heaps...

if you get stuck at night maybe give a bottle if you have too.... but stop bottle feeding during the day and get the boobies out..... you may need to feed more often but after a week you will be away....
Thanks everybody for the advice. I will try again with more breast feeds and also have a look at the various other suggestions. Hopefully, things will change.

Will keep you informed
Good advice above but just wanted to say, I know its tiring but if you can manage the night-feeds they are really important to increasing supply. Something to do with the hormones released.


I do agree with previous poster who said that the more baby feeds the more milk you make. My DS seems to be going through a stage at the moment where he's feeding every 2 hours and whereas a week ago i only started feeling full after 4/5 hours i now feel full at 2/2 1/2 hours. I have also added in a feed at 10.30 pm where i express so that my body is thinking it's feeding then as well as an extra feed.
Fennel tea is also really really good for boosting milk.. I found it worked really well after only 1 day of drinking it.

I used Fenugreek when my son was about 5 days old as suggested by a midwife on her home visit. It really helped my milk come in. You can get it from health food shop.

Cathy, Matty 17.11.04 Joshy 31.12.09

Hi there, you could always try taking the domperidone for a couple of days (1 pill 3 x a day) and THEN feed baby exclusively once your milk supply has increased. I take these pills daily and have done since my second baby was 3 months old (he was a very hungry big baby and I couldnt keep up). He is now 9 months and above the growth graph and has never had to have formula. My doc says the pills are perfectly harmless as the milk boost is merely a side effect of them and they are actually for indigestion. The only thing is you cant suddenly go off them, you need to gradually wean off them so your body takes over the milk making naturally. Put baby to the breast heaps so you dont get a breast infection once the milk picks up too. Suggest it to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Good luck smile


Still, breastfeeding moms have been using herbal products to stimulate milk production for many decades. And herbal tea induce lactation.

Many nursing mothers who have used lactation teas will readily say that they did increase their milk supply.

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