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What do you use to freeze breastmilk in? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have been expressing breast milk for the last month due to my daughter not being ablt to attach to the breast due to my huge flat nipples and her mild tounge tie. Due to this i have been expressing breastmilk for the past three and a half weeks and i am currently 9 meals head in the fridge. I started to freeze breastmilk last week in some extrabottles that i had been using and now find that i am out of bottles to use.

Yesterday i went out and bought some avent isis contianers but i know i will run out of these fast and it might get expensive. the child health nuse ispoke to yesterday suggested using glad snaplock bags to store breastmilk .... has anyone heard of doing this??

someone also suggested freezing it on ice tray with glad wrap... then putting it in anopther containmer when frozen ....

I am open to all suggestions and experiences

Jacki (NSW), Caitlyn Grace born 3/4/2006

Hi Jacki,
I have heard of that... you can actually get special freezer bags from baby shops or some chemists that are used just for breast milk, theres a spot you write the day expressed... etc etc. If you can't find them I would use the glad bags if your MHN said they are okay.


Karissa, Melb, Vic, Mummy to Kadi

I used glad snap-lock bags (mini) to freeze my breast milk in and just rinsed the bag with boiling water first just to sterilise a bit. I found it really easy to use as long as I didn't drop the bag before zipping it!
Hi Jacki,

When I was expressing my breastmilk I brought alot of ice cube trays, covered them with glad wrap and put the date expressed and then the date needed to be thrown out on a sticker on top of the glad wrap.

When frozen moved to a like snap lock bag of about 6 cubes I think made up a full bottle...

I have adopeted this method for solids now too... its good because then you can rotate your 'stock' (to use a supermarket term) and you know when things only have a few days left to be used and you can quickly use them up....

Just my way of doing it, hope it gives you something to think about smile


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