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keeping regular! Lock Rss

i have heard of many ways to keep babies from getting constipated and regular. i have herad about camomile tea and was wondering how much, what kind (eg. tea bag or leaves), and how to prepare. by little one is almost 9 weeks and isnt constipated, but has more solid poos and would like to help him keep regular.

Hi Danae,

If Aiden got constipated i used to put a little bit of brown sugar in his bottles or some purne juice i used to do 50ml of prune juice and 50ml of water in a bottle, or a good way to keep on top of it is to offer cooled boiled water between feeds. This is what the CHN told me to do, and this helped.. But to help keep him regular I would offer the cooled boiled water between feeds.

Hope this helps

Hi Danae,
My first was breastfeed and was always constipated, its good to remember that what ever you eat, baby gets too.. if you can cope with eating something like prunes or licorice this may help. Prune juice is really good, and was my saving grace. I dont like to use bottled prune juice as it is far too strong and full of presertives, if you put 1-5 prunes in a pot of water, and let it boil until the water is just stained brown, its a great remedy, the darker the water the stronger the brew, (it just depends how constipated bubs is)it can be kept in the fridge for a few days too!

Camomile tea is ok, but more so for relaxation, you can get the whole flowers (dried) a heaped teaspoon will be plenty for a large bottle, just steep it until the water is slightly coloured yellow. and strain with a FINE strainer cos it does get a few floaters in it!!
Good luck, hope you get some success!!!

Sian 6yo G + 3mth bubs

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