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11 days old with water poo and bum rash! Lock Rss

i have been breastfeeding DS2, along with a couple of formula feeds in the night (under the instruction of a lactation consultant). yesterday he had a few watery poos, and ended up with quite a red rash on his bum, which is really sore for the poor little guy. i have been putting heaps of sudacrem on it and this morning put some paw paw ointment on there in the hopes of getting it better for him asap.

anyway, my questions is, what could be causing this water poo? i am on antibiotics from having a slight infection in my c-section wound. so i am wondering if that is causing the watery poo? also i have been doing a bit of reading on the net and found a few sites have said that if bub is only getting the foremilk and not the hindmilk it can cause green watery poo. his poo is a green colour, but sometimes he does the grainy type poo which i thought was normal for a b/f baby?!

he feeds for ages, and i think he is getting plenty of milk, but he never seems satisfied, so i am wondering whether my supply isn't as good as i thought yet, or if he just isn't getting to the hindmilk and he isn't satisfied because of that. yesterday he fed pretty much all day and didn't sleep for longer than 20 mins at a time. he would be feeding off one breast for about 40 mins then fall asleep for a bit, then want more so i would offer the other side and he would feed for about 20 mins or so on that side. sometimes he has trouble attaching, so i have been using a nipple shield when he doesn't attach correctly. i will then try to put him to bed after his feed (having taken nearly 1.5 hours to complete the feed), and he will either refuse to go down at all or 10 mins later be crying for more milk (sucking on his hands and when i pick him up he is searching for the breast).

the only time he has gone down for a good sleep has been at night - after a good hour of breastfeed we then offer him a top up of formula which he polishes of as if he is absolutely starving, and then will go to bed happy as larry - and even slept for a 5 hour stretch last night after the top up.

can anyone offer me some advice?!

Poor little man!!!

It could be that he's getting too much could try expressing before a feed so that when he has his feed he's mostly getting the hindmilk.

Did you have a look on that Kellymom website I mentioned? Its got some terrific tips and advice.

Sorry I cant help more - I suck at BF sad but I'm here if you need to vent mate

i had a look at that site actually it is quite good. i will see what the CHN says later today though! but i can see a change to formula in the near future lol though i am not to upset about it unlike last time! its driving me nuts already

I agree that he is getting too much of the foremilk. Expressing is a great way to reduce this. Also my paed told me to have a handful of almonds three times a day to make your milk richer, i think it helped. Also are you eating anything acidic that might burn his bottom? like oranges ect? unfortuantely you have to stick to bland food so it doesnt go through the baby as well.
Oh honey hang in there - you can do it....look what you've just been through. Your body is just trying to sort itself out after having the c/s, then fighting the infection, your hormones are going crazy after the birth and trying to sort itself out all the while you're milk is trying to establish.

Its hard work, trust me been there done that but you know you can do it!

The runny poos and colour of them to me sounds like a combination of formula and the AB. Also your body is ridding itself of all the combo drugs you had while in hospital....they'll be coming through your milk too which will upset the little man obviously.

Also, I hope you dont mind but I've asked a mate of mine to pop in and reply to this post...Christina (aka C_Hippi Kiwi)...When I was bf Zara I was on email to her night and day...she was the biggest help and honestly it was only through her guidance that I made it to 3 months.
Did someone mention my name? <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span>

First off congratulations on the birth of Ethan

Now bearing in mind I am only the resident Huggies bf guru and have no 'formal' training I'm just going to throw some ideas at you, maybe a couple of links and you can decide where to take it from there. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

The poo issue:

Two things come to mind here, 1) the fact that you are on antibiotics, which for a baby so young isn't likely going to agree with him and 2) he could be experiencing symptoms of lactose overload. That's not to say he is intolerant to lactose, just that he is getting too much of it. Now if you subscribe to the fore/hind milk theory (which I won't bore you with other than to say that 'hind'milk is available to the baby at let-down) then it is entirely possible that he is getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. The ABA has some info on lactose overload here.

This link talks about normal bf baby poo, and green is usually normal, especially if it is 'grainy'.

Frequency of feeding/unsettled:

Again, a couple of things jump out at me. Him being unsettled could be coincidental in that the ABs are giving him a sore tummy so you think he's not getting enough milk when he probably is, assuming he is having plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight. DS2 used to feed for about 40 minutes at a time when he was new, sometimes up to an hour and then be back on the boob 60-90 minutes later. It's normal. At 11 days his tummy is about the size of a large egg, so still quite small really, so the feeding often is just a design of nature. There is also usually a growth spurt at around day 7-10 so it could be that as well. If it had been less than an hour since DS2 had been fed I always put him on the last breast he had been on first and then switched to the other side.

It's all a bit of trial and error really. Speaking to a lactation consultant is good, but the ABA can be a good source of information and support as well. I think that is enough to keep you going for a bit, hope some of it helps. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>


Hey there! Christina has of course covered most of your questions smile but I just thought - when he's sucking his hands and "looking for the breast" not long after a feed - is he really hungry or just tired? Tired babies will suck and look like they are hungry but really just need some sleep. DD drives me nuts with this, she will feed for ages, I KNOW she's full, but when trying to settle her she rubs her face frantically all over me - it looks like she is hungry, but she's not. If I hand her to DH - who does not smell like milk, she settles straight away. Once we get her asleep properly (a whole different story grrr) she will then sleep for a nice long stretch - so definately not hungry. As for sucking hands - if she can get it near her mouth, she'll suck on it, but it doesn't mean she's hungry smile

Just a thought. Hang in there, sounds like you've had a tough time, but you're doing well smile

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