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Washable vs Disposable Breast Pads Lock Rss

hi there
i found i leaked through washable bf pads but i have a lot of milk, i have been feeding 4 just over 7 months an 90% of the time i still leak but my friend said she stopped leaking at 5 months so i guess it depends on the person:) try the washable pads and c how u go( it would b cheaper way thats 4 sure) smile good luck
i found washable ones were only good well into feeding - like once all chance of engorgement was gone and there wasn't really a lot of leakage. I had major issues with leakage. If I fed on one side the other side would soak a disposable one. I would have completely full disposable pads by morning.
HATE disposables! I found they bunched up and soaked up nothing! I bought some of the avent washables ones which are good, but you can get some pretty homemade ones too, have a look on FB.

I stopped leaking during the day by 5 months and during the night by 7 months smile
I think it stopped around 2 months or it was not as bad. I use the disposable ones but they bunched up alot, they werent that bad but i found the advent ones to be better the wasable ones. they even came with a bag that you put them in and you through it in the wash so you dont have to look for them in the wash.
i found them to be more absorbant and more cost effective.
I honestly can't remeber when the leaking stopped, but I fed til 22 months & definitely wasn't happening then, so generally speaking, leaking does not last the whole time you feed. I found washable ones much more comfortable. If you leak alot, you just try to remember to change the pads more often! (although I think we've ALL had those mornings when bub has slept longer than usual & you wake up to find you, your clothes & all the sheets are drenched! lol) I remember a few times finding my disposable ones stuck to my skin rather than the bra lol. If you've been given a heap I would use them first (free is good!) then even if you get 1 or 2 pairs of washable ones to try to see if you like them....
i used the disposable ones and they were ok. I tried looking for the washable ones but had not luck, i only found them when i stop BF.


i only used disposable ones last time.never even knew washable ones exists!

ok so if u dont mind i'd like to ask how they compare in terms of helping with thrush, i guess you'd have to wash them really well with very hot water each time

i'll be googling this very soon!


Hi Georgie, I used the disposables, Pigeon were my fave by a long way. I had some Avent washable ones but they were too 'obvious' under my clothing, you could see the outline of them through my bra whereas the Pigeon were very discreet and absorbent! Buy lots, you'll need them. I wore mine for about 6 months as I let down on both sides quite strongly til around then, I don't know what the norm is but that's me smile
Love, love, love my reusable breast pads. I have used them right from the start, the have a waterproof layer so no soaking though problems. They are softer, don't bunch, cheaper and no waste smile

I can't remember how long I used breast pads last time - I think over 12 months.... I have never "leaked" much but my milk lets down at the sound of a baby or even thinking about DD, most annoying.

I bought mine off a fb store, I'm about to get some more. They are really cute too smile

I leaked alot while BFing. I had both disposable & washable ones.

The johnsons ones are good, they do actually last quite a while. I had to wear breastpads 24/7 the whole time i bf but i didnt always leak, sometimes i found the disposable ones could be used over a few days if i hadnt leaked. But i always had to wear them incase.

I found washable ones didnt last as long & id still leak through onto my top.
Where can you buy the washable breast pads from and waterproof layer from ? Omg im always leaking , the i go though the disposal breast pads so fast , it cost alot from them . Johnsons breast pads are the best disposal ones though .
I bought washable breast pads on ebay. You may be able to get them at your chemist or the supermarket though, I'm not sure. The re-usable ones are the best. Very thick and absorbent, I would look on ebay. That's my go to website for everything! I know I got some great ones on there, they were made from bamboo and worked well, never leaked through them.

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