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wieght loss at 11 weeks Lock Rss

: hello
my name is kay and my boy is 11 weeks. he has always been a long baby and his dad is very tall and skinny. we are breastfeeding. his weight gain on a weekly basis can vary from 40 grms to 300gms. However last week it was 40 and for the first time he lost weight - 100gms in 1 week. This week he seems to be emptying my milk before he is fininshed. But he is still a happy baby. He does not act hungry, he sleeps well and he wakes well with same amount of wet nappies. I don't want to use formula even as a top up. i would rather breast feed all the way. we have been on a 3 hour feed routine since he was born which suited us both . i am now wondering if i should dtick him on a 2 hour routine for a few days to boost my supply. I know your supply will go down if you are tired or stressed, i am neither of these things. I had a routine of expressing half hour before a feed to keep up my supply of EBM. however i then got out of routine. i have been using my pump again this week. Do you think this has anything to do with the wieght loss. what shall i do? how serious is it?
please help, i am a new mum .thanks
Possibly it does have something to do with you expressing only 1/2 hour before a feed. The breast takes about 20 mins to have more milk but this is only enough for a snack. It takes about an hour on average to make up a 'feed'. Do you express til you are empty? If so, then maybe you could try and express about 90 before a feed so even if your son feeds every 3 hours there is always enough milk there.

If you try to feed every two hours you may get him into the habit of snacking rather than filling up. Lots of hard work for you in the long run.

Aboout the weight loss, it's too early to say whether you should worry or not. Breastfed babies go up and down and one week is to short to assess it. They normally look at BF babies over the course of one month, not every week.

It only takes a couple of days for your breasts to get used to the extra milk requirement so in a couple of days you should be right. I know you don't want to use formula but sometimes you just have to if the baby needs more than you can supply at that particular time. It is food after all (good for babies, not bad for them) but each to their own. I formula top my baby and even formula fed fully my first. smile smile

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Hi Kay,

My baby is now nearly six weeks old, and I have struggled with my milk supply from her birth. Initially it was thought that because I had an emergency Caesar my milk would be late, but after a rigorous schedule of expressing and feeding, natural remedies and medication, I still have to top my baby up with formula and have decided that I will begin to wean her. It was a decision that broke my heart, but the schedule was just getting too much for both of us. I know what it feels like to desperately want to breastfeed, only to have trouble with it.
The natural remedy I tried was Fenugreek seeds - you just have a teaspoon full morning and night washed down with water- which may help you. You should get in touch with a lactation consultant if you want to try medication (there's a link from this site). But I just wanted to tell you that the biggest strain on your milk supply can be when you are stressed and tired, as you said. If you are worrying about it enough to post on it, then it probably is stressing you out, and as my baby had weight loss issues and that freaked me out I imagine you are anxious about that as well.
I realised something had to give when I sat down and thought, 'my baby will only be this age once, and I am too stressed out and anxious even to enjoy it.' I also realised that my stubborn persistenc with breastfeeding when it wasn't working wasn't going to give her everything she needed, which, in the end, is the most important thing. You might just need to top him up at the end of a breast feed with 50 to 100ml of formula until your supply picks up - this way he gets the best of both worlds and you are getting the stimulation you need to increase your supply. Or, if you are on a three hour routine, express every one and a half hours, and top him up with the expressed breast milk at the end of your breastfeed. This way you have time to get your supply up in between feeds and he gets that bit more milk. I was on this schedule and still needed to top my baby up with formula, which in the end got too much. (Boob, boob in bottle then formula in bottle, the feeds took over an hour in themselves!!)
In the end, it's your call, and I wish you the best of luck. I know what you're going through!
hi kayc,

weight loss in young bubs can be worrying,

you are right frequent feeds will help boost your supply, so feeding 2 hourly for a few days would help. don't be to concerned about getting into bad habits as your bub is so young, the important thing is to boost your milk supply and then you will be able to readjust t o a pattern that suits you and bub.

introducing formula comps is something you should talk about with your chn because introducing formula can lessen your babies apetitie for the breast which can then lessen the stimulation your breasts get and make it harder to feed frequently and build suppply, you may like to consider comping with the breast first. some mums feed first breast, then second breast then first breast again. or feed bubs and then 2o min later give a top up feed on the breast. pumping and topping up with ebm is a good idea too.
check that your chn is using the new weight charts from the world health org. that are specially for breastfed babies, and like kazi mentioned look at trends over a few weeks.
the fact that bubs is happy and having wet nappies is good, 5 heavily wet disposable over 24 hours is an adequate amount.
to get some good support and info try
happy mothers day!

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