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Very Q. BF question Lock Rss

Sorry girls, know this is the wrong place, but needed a response asap. My little sister has a 10 day old bubba, has been trying to feed him for the last 2 hours with no luck at all.....apparently he's only taking the right side (I don't know why she stopped feeding from the left, but she feels like there's no milk in that one) & her nipple on that side is trashed sad She says there's skin falling off & is bleeding. She's tried using a nipple shield, but he's getting more & more fussy on it & she says he won't take it, even though he was 24-48hours ago. She's getting more distressed & I'm trying to reassure her, but I always had a pump so could express if I needed to. She doesn't have one. What can I tell her?? I've told her to call the 1800 mum 2 mum number, but that's all I could do.......any advice?? Thanks smile

If it's been 2 hours she must be absolutely frazzled - is her DP at home? She needs to hand bub over (scremaing or not) an hop in the shower anc just calm down and take a deep breath. Giver her poor boob a bit of a soften up in the warm water, then slather on some Lansinoh and then try again. Is she very engorged? I imagine she must be if she hasn't been feeding well, it's very hard for a baby to latch onto a hard full boob so she could try expressing some milk off in the shower. Tell her not to worry about wasting the milk, there will be plenty enough in there for bub too. The best thing is to stay calm, and get a good latch so he doesn't hurt her boob anymore. And keep trying the leftie! Even if it feels like there is nothing in there it doesn't matter, if she wants to keep feeding she needs to stimulate the flow and keep bub feeding from that side. If her other side is sore, use the other first. But above all, get the latch right. Even if she needs to watch a clip on youtube to help her out, that's the hardest part of feeding, once you get that it gets better. I hope she is ok x
I would advise expressing too... could she hand express? Also some Lasinoh cream for healing... give it a break from bubs but keep expressing to get the milk coming - and once it's had a break there should be no reason why bubs wont hop on seeing as there would be milk.

Agree with PP nipple cream, expressing in the shower and keep trying the left. Even give bub a bath.
I've been through something similar and here is my suggestion.

She needs to take a break. Both her and bub need to calm down and de-stress.

Go for a warm will help the milk drop. If she is stressed and worked up the milk wont drop. She will need to offer the left side first for a while. It may be that he isn't latching on that side properly hence the trashed nipple. If he doesn't latch properly he wont get much if anything. If her nipple is that trashed it will hurt like hell when he does try and latch which will cause her to tense up which can stop the let down of milk.

Your poor sister. I agree with everything the other pp have said especially give bubby to hubby and just go relax. I would also contact a lactation consultant as her left nibble is really damaged which is an attachment problem. Bub probably doesn't like it because he's getting blood which will upset his little belly because it has too much protein. I had the same problem with DS2 and as soon as I had two goes with the lactation consultant that day it surprising healed very quickly. Maybe another thought bubby isn't hungry but just wants to be comforted and is getting upset because he is getting milk and doesn't want it only if she doesn't mind maybe try a dummy.
I wish her luck poor thing hope it gets better.

Is there no way she can get hold of a breast pump tonight???

When DD was 4 days old this happened to me. I could not manage to get her to attach properly on the right hand side and my nipple was ripped to shreds and it hurt.

For her next feed DH gave her a bottle of formula as I was just too exhausted and upset. The second feed after that I fed her on the left side only (as well as the next 2-3 feeds) but expressed off the right side as too keep supply.

Tell her to look up baby led attachment and try that. I found that worked for me so much better than trying to do it the way the midwives would. It involves skin to skin with you and bubby and let baby find the nipple, just like after birth smile My DD was much better at attaching herself than what I was.

I also highly recommend the Mrs Palmer Cocoa Butter nipple cream - Heaven!

Also get her to keep trying to feed off that other breast! There will be some milk in there and the only way to get it making more is to put baby on to stimulate. DD only feeds twice daily now and pretty much only on the right side (we started out with this being the bad side to us both favouring that side, weird) she will feed on the left side every few days, and there is still milk in there.

Also a PP suggestion at having a shower and a cup of tea to try and calm down is great. Try to relax and take a big deep breath and have faith in your body wink

My little man was fussing over my right one a few days ago and he was refusing to take it, I wasnt making much milk because he was taking it from that side so after a few hours of tears and gritted teeth pleading DH ran me a bath. DH brought a naked baby in (aparently I had figured this out several babies ago) and after he settled into the bath I popped him on my right. He fed really well and even when it ran out (after let down), he continued to suck which encourages more milk production. It helps for a calm mother, calm baby approach. As for her nipples, I use Paw Paw cream on mine for the first week of feeding, and I suggest she coat her nipples with what ever she has handy. Breast milk can help heal cracked nipples too so rubbing a little around it will make it heal faster.

If baby is attatching properly she shouldnt have hacked nipples at all especially now. So she needs to try to relax when popping bubs on and make sure the attachment is correct (ie only hurts for a count to 10 before the pain subdues to a dull throb).

Good luck for her and I hope she can encourage bubs
to come back on.

Oh and a little attachment trick I was taught was (and trust me will only work if she is calm), rub the nipple from nose to chin until the mouth is fully open then put as much of the breast in as bub can take.

Hope that helps

Oh and again sorry - the baby led attatchment that is what I do in the bath let the baby crawl to the nipple I think thats how they describe it. Maybe try laying in bed and feeding baby that way too - my bub loves in bed feeding. Full of ideas and hoping at least one of them will work. The baby led feeding is amazing to watch the baby search and move across your chest.
You girls are amazing, thankyou!! Fortunately, I remembered one of my girlfriends had a pump that wasn't being used, so I managed to get a hold of that for her & take it around. She's a single mum, so handing bubby to a partner unfortunately isn't an option sad But once I got there, I took bub & gave her a break. I encouraged her to have a shower, but she just wanted to relieve her breasts, so set the pump up while I settled bub. He fortunately fell asleep while we were just chatting, so all is ok for now. She expressed about 55mls for his next feed. That should be enough for a 10 day old right?? Her poor nipple has a massive cut on it, which is why it's so painful. I don't know how that happened, but she's going to get a hold of her lactation consultant tomorrow & talk to her. I also told her to get some other nipple shields to try that & in the meantime, now she's got a pump just to express to give her nipples a break. Oh & thanks for the suggestion about baby led attachment too!! I did tell her that also, but it's nice to know I wasn't just spinning crap wink Thanks again girls xx

If he's not wanting to feed off one side, she could always try holding him in the football position so it's more or less the same as feeding off the other side. It might be that due to something during labour/birth something is out of alignment with his head/neck and he doesn't like being on that side? A good chiro or osteo checking him out could be a goer.
Also just try different feeding positions - sitting down, lying down, in a sling, etc. It might just be a matter of finding out what his preference is.
Make sure she gives her nipple plenty of air-time between feeds. Express some milk onto it & just let it air-dry (and then put some lansinoh on it if needed). Sounds ouchy!!!
How wonderful that she has someone like you to help and support her, especially since she doesn't have a partner around.

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