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Schedule vs on demand Rss

My DD2 is now 12 days old and is now feeding regularly on demand (as opposed to constant round the clock feeding)
At night though she has gone from pretty much all night on the breast to sleeping for around 5-6 hours straight. The first night this happened I had given her a dummy as I thought she was comfort sucking. All night she would feed and fall asleep and as soon as I put her back into her bassinet she would wake and feed again. So I decided on no dummys at night. But it has happened for 2 nights since then even without it.
For a bub a little over a week old I'm worried that this is too long for her to be sleeping between feeds. I am also worried how this might affect my supply.
So I am wondering, should I wake her and does this mean I may have to start a feeding schedule?

I was always one for on-demand feeding but the nights have made it a little difficult. Particularly on mornings where I have to have all the kidlets fed and dressed to get my eldest DS off to school. During the day though it's not too bad at all.
However, a schedule would also make life a little easier but my SIL fed on schedule and often left her DD crying even if it was only 15 mins till it was 'due'. I'm not really comfortable with that personally if that's a 'rule' for scheduled feeding.

Any advice at all would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

You could always try offering a dream feed.
I routine fed my first mind you she was ff which made it easier. I was pretty strict with the routine I must admit but that was because I had to return to work after 3 months and it was better to know she was in a routine.
I think when it comes to the night feed thing if she is still putting on weight and is contented then her sleeping for that long between feeds is fine. If you are worried about supply could you maybe wake up and express in the night. (sorry if that sounds rediculous i'm just getting my head around the whole bf thing)
I think if she is starting to sleep for longer periods at night then let her as you need your sleep and rest.
Good luck.
Hi there!

A baby expects to feed on demand. They have needs, we fulfill them - thats pretty much what we are programmed to do. It sounds like you are doing a terrific job! The frequent feeding in the first week can be them working to establish your supply. The dropping off now may be that they have worked out how to feed efficiently or they may not need to feed that much at night. My first drank frequently at night at woke like clockwork at gthe same times 4 times a night until 8 months old. So for the second, I made sure I had a stack of books! Then I sat and watched as my newborn peacefully slept through the night for the first few weeks from the start, as my boobs became enormous and dripping and I would hit them on things as I misjudged their size! She barely fed through the night until she was 3 months old. At 10 months she feeds much more!

I guess what I am trying to say her and trust yourself. If she is happy, content, has good nappy output, feeds well.....all is good. You don't need to wake her to feed her. smile
Thanks smile
Yeah my biggest worry was that she dropped quite suddenly from the almost all night feeds.. My DS3 had problems with feeding shortly after I introduced the dummy so I'm rather nervous about that happening again.
She's still eliminating fine but the weight gain I'll have to check next week because the feeds have only in the past 3 days.. Day time feeds are as normal too..
I'll leave her be this week though and hopefully all is well and I simply have a good sleeper grin

Thanks again smile

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