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My son had reflux so now i have an almost 3 week old and i can see all the same signs my sonhad of reflux i would bet my last dollar that she has reflux i was just wondering if i need to see a doc before i swap her to an AR formula or is it safe to gradually change her over
do half and half..... for a bit then swap......

did she go straight onto formula..???

do half and half..... for a bit then swap......

did she go straight onto formula..???

she was on fromula from about day 4
My son had the same issue, but as he was my first we endured 3mths of hell before a doctor diagnosed him! We did have him on AR and we were told it was fine just to start him straight on it, and under no circumstance to mix formulas. wink

Good Luck
thanks all

Ok so i rushed down the street and grabbed an s26ar and some variable flow teats ans came home and gave her a bottle all excited that there will be light at the end of the tunnle oh no that to easy now she is crying her head off because she wont suck hard enough to get it out of the bottle i cant win here this is the worst day with her it can only get better please let it get better.

Vent over

so any advice on getting her to suck hard enough to get the thicker formula oout of the teat .

Oh Hunny it's so hard isn't it my DS was really fussy with it and what little he did drink made him constipated! Is she throwing up or do you think it's silent reflux? I brought the karicare thickener and added it to the bottle (normal S26) that way you can make it as thick as you want or you can also make it into a gel and give it before a bottle and it will thicken in her tummy you can buy a medicine cup that has a teat at the end so they drink it like a bottle also great for giving baby panadol.

If she's not throwing up you probably don't need the thickener but you could try the over the counter baby antacid liquid or get Zantac syrup by prescription (my DS didn't like either of them spat it back at me and held his breath)

Good luck let me know how you go xx

Thanks yeah she is throwing up ive finally found a teat that she can get the formula through and she is feeding good now and not throwing up no where near as much on small amounts now. But she still is so hard to get to sleep and stay asleep im wondering if its the reflux causing her pain or if it may be wind ill keep up the infants friend and if its not getting better then i might take her to a doc see if she needs prescription for zantac or something.

thanks so much for everyones advice its been great help, I got so upset yesterday because i thought i would have some idea what i was doing the second time around but i guess bub has other ideas lol oh well what can you do but feed, change, burp and cuddle over and over again till one does the trick. grin
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