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vaso spasms Lock Rss

I got what my doctors and midwives called vaso spasms while breast feeding my second daughter.
has anyone alse had them?
its like they are so sensitive to the point of pain, cant wear clothes, use a towel on them after a shower, have the water on them in the shower! a change in temp in the room, sets the pain off, and when the milk comes in each time you go to feed your newborn it is excruciating.
I was told you can use some blood thinners but there are side effects and they dont know the cause or treatment for these sensations.
I stopped breast feeding and it still took over a month to subside
yes but i just feed through it....... still do.... sometimes they go hard like rocks
This is a good link. Have you spoken to a LC yet? I hired one during my 2nd pregnancy because I had so many issues bf'ing my son and it really helped immensely!

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