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baby wont breastfeed Lock Rss

hi all,
I have a 4 day old who was born just under 37 weeks, she isnt interested in the breast so my milk still hasnt come in. I try to feed her for an hour or so then we have to top her up on formula. Then i express to try to get my milk in (with no luck).
Im really upset that i cant provide for my little girl but its getting too depressing and stressful trying to feed.
She is so hungry and hasnt got the energy to try to feed anymore and shes not putting on wieght.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Any advice or views would help.
if your baby is sucking at the breast there should be costrum there (sp) is she sucking? swallowing? are your breast feeling full or sore? what sort of breast pump are you using? if you even get a teaspoon out suck it up in a syrine and get it in.... their tummies are only the size of a marble and then get to about the size of 10mls after a few more days and then only about 20 mils etc.... they don't actually get huge amounts on the first few days or week...

you could try lying on your side with a pillow under your arm and holding on your boob, on the bed or something, then bring baby in close...

if you are having no luck at all.... ring your midwife and insist she comes asap... actually i would do that now and she can observe latch and everything,,.... when did you come out of hospital....
Sorry, I have no experience with this. Try this link to Kellymom - breastfeeding premie babies Hope this helps <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
also have a look in her mouth and make sure she isn't tounge tied.....

you could also give formual via syrine too so that when you do put her to the breast she is sucking.... is she sucking on anything?

Did they send you home from the hospital or home with your baby doing this? how long did you stay in? is this your firstbfeeding
My DD during the first few days after she was born was doing the same thing. She was hungry but she didn't want to work for her feed. One of the at the hospital helped me by getting me to hand express some colostrum into either a cup or a syringe and I then gave it to my DD. After she had taken that I would then put her on the breast and try and get her to latch on and feed. I had a lot of problems getting my DD to latch on. It took a while but she eventually she got the idea. Even though she latched on it still wasn't working for us both.

I went and got advice from Midwives and child health nurses as well. Breastfeeing is not easy and very rarely are mothers able to just put their baby on and off they go. The ones that can are very lucky! I had to express for 3 months every 3 hours for my DD because it took her (and I) that long to work out how to do it properly.

Does your DD not take your EBM from a bottle? If that's the case maybe you need to try a different brand of bottle. I personally found the Pigeon brand good for my DD.
I had a 34 week prem and try not to stress too much about your breastmilk comming in at the moment babiess have very small stomachs and only take a little bit of breastmilk til they are filled up. Your doing the right thing about expressing your milk. it took me about 5 days for my milk to come in and we are all different just keep expressing every 2-3 hours even if its just a couple of drops it a good sign and will get the ball rolling.
I was not to keen on breast feeding but i wanted him to have the best milk. every now and then they would have to give him formula because i had nothing, anything is better then nothing. just keep expressing trust me when i say, when it comes in you will have loads of breastmilk.
Yes. My DD was born at 35+6 and was in SCN for 4 days. My milk didn't come in till day 4 and then they sent me home day 5. My DD was very sleepy (due to being prem and jaundiced) and wouldn't wake to feed. I had to wake her every two hours and that was a struggle.. It would take me at least 1/2 hour to an hour to wake her up enough to feed and even then she would sometimes fall asleep as soon as I put her on. And if she didn't fall asleep, she would keep letting go of the boob.. it was very stressful.

Once my milk came in it got a lot better as she didn't have to work as hard to get so little milk. Once the jaundice was gone (about a week later) it was even better. Don't get me wrong, breastfeeding was still difficult.. for two months I was saying I was going to give up everyday, but then at about two months old all the pain and difficulty of feeding just disappeared. Over a period of about two days. One day was excruciatingly painful, then next a little sore, then the next was nothing. All of a sudden I had no idea what my problem was before and was calling myself a cry baby lol.

What I did in the beginning was try to express every 1/2 hour between feeds, even if I only got 1 ml of colostrum, I saved it and would syringe feed DD what I had expressed before putting her on the boob. This gave her a taste and would spark her interest. And if she still didn't feed properly, at least I knew she got SOMETHING.

Don't give up!! it will get better..

OH and just to add, it's normal for newborns to lose weight in the beginning, as long as they have reached their birth weight by two weeks all is fine smile
Thanks everyone.
We got home from hosp yesterday, they knew i was having trouble and they put me on the routine of trying to feed, then expressing every 3 hours to try to get my milk in.
She feeds from the bottle fine, but then it is even harder for her to take the breast after a bottle.
My midwife has been around today is is coming everyday to check up on us.
Im sure ill get there, just hard to see the light at the end of the tunnle at the moment.
I BF my first without a problem, and this time its sooo different.
While my son wasn't a premmie. He tried to breastfeed, but I had no milk. I know this is different to you, but what I want you to know is that you are obviously a wonderful mother because you are concerned about your daughter. My son has pretty much only ever had formula and he is going strong. If things don't work with the breastfeeding, you are not a bad mum. You provide so many other important things for your daughter.

Gee, can you tell what my hang ups are!!

Best of luck. Have a good cry, give your kids a cuddle and look at the big picture. You are all fit and healthy, and you have the future to look forward to.

You may have to pump very very frequently and I know its best to use an electric pump. You can get pills to bring your milk in. Also highely recommend contacting your local la leche league as they specialise in these things (check out there website for contact details).
I too would suggest expressing more often. And definitely and electric pump.
I had premmie twins, spending 4 weeks in special care. Sucking and attaching were big issues. My milk came in after 3 days but I had to work really really hard for that to happen. My smallest twin was not tolerating formula and was on the drip so basically I HAD to get some milk out somehow! While my twins were tube feed until they could suckle, I expressed every 1.5 hours. It was very difficult and when they finally started to suckle, they would not twin BF so I was doing one at a time and expressing in between. Needless to say, for my mental health after 8 weeks of BF I swapped to the bottle and never looked back. But definitely try expressing more often and the electric pump we hired from the chemist...medela I think it was called. Good luck smile
I don't know if you know why i suggest syrine was so that she is not getting confused between breast and bottle..... so when you put her to breast the taste is the same and she doens't have anything to compare the breast with.... ie bottle teat..... I personally would do kangaroo care and have her down your front and relax and hopefully she will start to root around looking for milk..... don't wear a bra and let her latch onto you.

hope your wee one is enjoying being at home
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