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baby wont breastfeed Lock Rss

I don't know if you know why i suggest syrine was so that she is not getting confused between breast and bottle..... so when you put her to breast the taste is the same and she doens't have anything to compare the breast with.... ie bottle teat..... I personally would do kangaroo care and have her down your front and relax and hopefully she will start to root around looking for milk..... don't wear a bra and let her latch onto you.

hope your wee one is enjoying being at home

I agree

my DD was full term but had a really difficult time feeding in the first couple of weeks (well first couple of months really)
she was quite jaundiced so lethargic and also quite small and just couldnt seem to latch on.

she didnt have her first proper breastfeed until she was 2 weeks old. In the first 2 weeks i syringe fed (really did not want to bottle feed at all) and then latched on with the aid of nipple shields.

Keep up the regular expressing and also putting her to the breast frequently. Also keep up your fluids and healthy foods and try to rest where possible. Half the time, supply issues are psychological or stress related. Once you relax, it gets easier

Hope its going better for you already smile
my lil man wasnt premmie he was born at 38 weeks but my milk hadnt come in when he was born and he was in SCN for 4 days so i had to express frequently to bring my milk in and they put him on formula bottle while my milk came in and now my milk has fully come in he is still having trouble latching on i spoke to the health nurse and she thinks it may be due to him having a very small chin it may make it hard to attach so i decided to express milk and just feed him from a bottle as it got very stressful for both me and him and i still wanted him to breast milk. They dont tell you how hard B/F really is they make it look easy.
Try find some information at . It helped me a lot with my daugher, so I hope it will help you as well.
Milk forms the basis of your baby’s diet for the first year of her life, even once she has started on solid foods. Breast feeding is by far the best food for your baby, with a host of benefits; but if you’re unable to breast-feed, bottle-feeding provides all the nutrients your baby needs.

The composition of breast milk changes constantly, adapting to your baby’s needs. Research shows that breast-fed babies have fewer incidences of vomiting and diarrhea, and that they’re protected against gastroenteritis, as well as ear infections, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia, bronchitis, kidney infections, and septicemia (blood poisoning).
you can find more :
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