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Milk/Lactose issue with formula? Lock Rss

My DS is FF as I'm unable to BF. He threw up last night when we were asleep and almost choked - luckily I heard him spluttering and cleared his airway. gasp sad He looked like a beetroot. sad Scared me to death. The milk that he threw up was really thick with mucous. Is that a sign of an intolerance to cow's milke? My DH is Dairy intolerant and I have Coeliac Disease so we're prone to intolerances in our family. He has been quite irritable everytime he poos too - like it really hurts him. And he is SO farty. Anyone have a lactose/milk intolerant bub?
I believe my DD has a cows milk intolerance. I've based this on her having greenish frothy poos, spewing up a lot of formula (an entire feed when she would have it) and the fact that both myself and my DH couldn't have cows milk when we were children. In fact I still can't have cows milk as an adult.

We changed my DD to Karicare Goats milk and she did really well on that. The frothy green poos stopped and she stopped spewing her feeds up. But it did cause her to get constipated. We now have her on S26 Lactose free and have found that she is brilliant on it. No issues at all and it's a reasonable price too.
my ds ended up in hospital at 2 weeks old explosive poos and rash was told after 5 days he had a problem with lactose and was put on s26 lactose free and has been good ever since

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