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Excess drool causing rash on face - need ideas Lock Rss

My DD is teething and continually rubs the drool from his mouth on his face with his hands and dummy. His cheeks are now dry and have a slight rash on them as I am constantly wiping them. Any tips, ideas and/or suggestions on creams etc to use would be much appreciated.
Bepanthen ointment works well for drool rashes, it heals and protects (and is clear unlike zinc creams). The one in the green tube, not the blue. I also use it around noses when the kids have colds (like this week sad )
If baby develops a drool rash while they’re teething, keep a towel or cotton cloth under their bed sheet to soak up the drool. When they drool in their sleep, their sensitive faces rub against the wet sheet and cause a rash. During the day, keep their faces dry by patting their face gently with a cloth to prevent further irritation. If a drool rash is bothering your baby, try using cream to keep their skin moist.
I use a barrier cream on DD's chin. I had a sample jar of Sudocream just for that and I kept it on thick unless people were coming over or we went out. I also had little bibs just to catch drool to protect her chest. That teething drool is so acidic it is just cruel.

a friend reccomended a soothing salve called haumanu salve, its a natural product and has been brilliant, can use it on dribble rash, nappy rash,eczma,and a little goes a long way, you can have a look on
Thanks so much for the tips and suggestions. DS (not DD - can't believe I did that) will be much happier I am sure. First time mum so really appreciate your help.
I had the same problem with my daughter untill i got her a set of amber teething beads they cut the drool right down & took the angry redness straight out of her rash...i can't rate them highly enough they really worked for us.I got ours off ebay $20.00 great value
I had the same problem with my DS1 I tried various ointments but decided to go to my Dr as the rash would not go away. It turned out that the constant drooling had allowed a fungal infection to develop. She prescribed an ointment to reduce inflammation and an over the counter fungal cream. I'd suggest getting it checked as fungal infections can spread to other places on the body or other people (I now have it on my shoulder where he rests his head).
I am giving away free product for mothers of teething/drooly babies who get severe rashes on their face, neck, and chest. Watch the youtube video, and read the description on how to apply. Based on the severity, you will be provided free product. You are required to photo document improvement of the skin, and you get to keep the product (retail value $35).

Watch this video:

Offer is limited, with free shipping, and extends though August.
I'd be keen to try anything that might help. My daughter has really bad blistering and rash around her mouth from jamming her hands in her mouth thru her sleep sack and it's so bad her finger is bleeding now too. I can't access that video as the link will not work?
I was recently told to try Coconut Oil, just from the supermarket, it's amazing!! I'm using it on my third baby, tried everything else for the other two and found Bepanthan best but am much happier using coconut oil since it's all natural and I use it all over for massage etc now too, it's great stuff. Leaves my hands feeling nice and soft too, win win smile also when you're cleaning there wee faces and necks just pat not wipe and make sure you get under the neck really dry (it's a terrible spot for fungal infections to start)!
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