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Breastfeeding Fail. Rss

You sound as persistent as me laugh

I too had alot of difficulties BF DD1. She ended up being completely FF by 3 months & i felt extremely guilty about it for a long time!

Sounds like you're doing a great job to encourage your supply. Now all you need to do is relax (easier said than done i know) but stress can effect your supply & letdown reflex.
Bubs is still very young so she & your boobs are still trying to work out the balance of supply/routine. If it were me, i would let her on as often as she wants, but if she's been on for awhile and just seems to be comfort sucking, take her off & give yourself (and your boobs) at least half hour to an hour rest before the next go.
If you feel your milk is coming out too slowly, maybe check to see she's latched on properly. Her suck wont be as efficient if she's not on properly & wont be getting as much milk.

You are woman. You were made to bare & feed babies. You can do this smile

Also if you're really determined to exclusively BF, ditch the formula. Having it in the house will make you or DP give in to it easier.

Good luck smile
One thing you could try is a Supplemental Nursing System - get a LC to show you how to use it. That way you can still BF and your bub will get enough nutrition. Your bub's suckling will also help increase your milk supply.
good luck <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
You're not a failure. You're still in the 'hard' days. It DOES get easier!! Take it one feed at a time. Just keep putting her on the boob, let her have a good suck, wrap her & hold her close. She might just want some comfort. And after each feed, feel proud that you're a good mum for trying!!

Also, find a professional who you trust, one that you feel gives out good advice, and stick with them. At least that way you shouldnt get conflicting advice (save some of your sanity at least lol)

Even if you breast AND bottle fed for awhile its not so bad. Ive known alot of mums who've done this with no issues, and have later weaned off the bottle and become fully breastfed bubs later (ive heard the weaning can be tricky though).

In the end, if you end up fully bottle feeding her, try not to feel guilty. The most important thing is that you're feeding your baby. Not WHAT you're feeding her with. You can still bond with her over a bottle smile
thanks smile

Anytime smile

Good luck & I hope it all works out for the best!

Oh, and the LC that I had an appointment with basically looked at DDs latch, said she's fine & comfortable. That was it. Didn't offer any suggestions at all sad

Next time I'm not listening to any of the midwives (I had most at the hospital tell me that she needs to feed, play, sleep 4 hours, wake up, repeat. I was told not to let her use me as a dummy. When I came out I was told that she needs to be on the boob every time she's unsettled as it will help the milk supply.
I was told to give her formula top ups, then I was told not to- because my milk will stop. Then I was really upset with all the different 'advice', because if I'd ignored it in the first place I may not have had a problem.

It's not like I can just say 'oh well, try it next time', because it feels like a massive failure not being able to do it for DD.


Oh hun this sounds exactly like my story with ds1. I fed 4 hourly because "that's what he needs" and it was absolutely no good for my supply. I t tried EVERYTHING to increase supply and nothing worked. By 8 weeks he was mostly FF and I know exactly what you mean about being "jealous" of the formula.
When DS2 come along I decoded I would NOT stress about feeding. I decided bugger 4hr routines. I was going tolisten to my bub, feed him wheen he was hungry and take each day as it came. DS2 is now 6 months and still BF. I truly believe my relaxed attitude made all the difference.
You are NOT alone. So many people go through this. My advice is try (as hard as it is) to relax and feed bub whenever she needs/wants and take it 1 day at a time. You CAN do this if you want to. Just don't put to much pressure on yourself hun. Goodluck! Happy to chat if you need.

So... really wanted to breast feed, did so, DD kept losing weight. DP wanted to give her a bottle so he could help feed. 5 days in and we started bottle feeding because she hadn't put on enough weight.
Now DD is taking more from bottle than from me. This makes me sad.
I can't breast feed properly. Milk comes out slowly, DD can be latched for hours & still not be full.

I can't come to terms with feeding her the bottle myself- and I'm actually 'jealous' of the formula. It's doing what I can't. I keep trying to hand express, I can't get anything using a hand pump or an electric one. The most I get from squeezing it out is about 6mL in a 5 minute squeeze session. I could keep going, but the boobs just get sore after a while.
So I just let DD feed on there for as long as she likes, until she goes to sleep. I wake her up, re latch her.. you know, it's supposed to be supply & demand, right?

Dr. has me on Domperidone to increase supply too.

at 3 & a half weeks this is still really getting to me. Moral Support, please??

I havent posted before, but I hear you angish... i got a electric pump which worked better than hand express. I also drank fenigreek tea it comes in capsules you can get it at the healthfood store.

Also express between feeds, I would breast feed then top up with bottle by the time, My son was 5 months I was producing 200ml a feed. He was then content and went to sleep on th boob and sleep a full 12 hours (hallaluh)_because if I sleep more milk I had.

I hope this helps

Oh Hun, GBH! First of all you are not a failure! BFing is so hard in the early days, you are definitely not alone. I agree with PP about finding someone you trust to support you who gives advice that's in line with how you think thongs should be done, you know your baby best!
Secondly, it is absolutely possible to get back to full BFing, just may take time. My DS was very much like your DD at 3 weeks - feeding for hours but not sucking/swallowing very well and consistently losing weight. Poor little guy was put in hospital but nothing found other than he was starving. I had to top-up with formula every feed, and pretty quickly he was wanting a bigger volume of formula than his full quota, and he was BFing every feed first. I found pumping after every feed stressful so cut back to a few times a day and resigned myself to him eventually being formula fed. I gave up pumping altogether at 6 weeks, but when he was 7 weeks I noticed he was sucking differently - properly for the first time (this one wouldn't have survived in the wild lol) and after a week I started reducing his top-up by 10ml a feed every 2-3 days. Some people will tell you to stop outright but that would have set me up for failure as he was drinking 960ml formula a day by that stage. When he was unsettled I BF him and my supply kept up. He was fully BF by 10 weeks and now is nearly 5 months and the size and weight of an 8 month old, and hasnt had a bottle since.

It CAN be done, but isn't easy. Most important thing is that bub gets fed, and every drop of booby juice she gets is great for her.

Best of luck hun xxx
With all the stressing about BF are you actually looking after yourself? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating and drinking enough? Make sure you drink plenty of water and I found sustagen (hospital formula) helped with my milk supply. Like one of the PP, I found that an electric pump worked well for me (medela swing). I would pump till I couldn't see any more milk coming out and then pump for about another 5 min. I went from only being able to get 50ml from both boobs to having an oversupply lol smile
Make sure when you pump you're in a calm environment. Put some relaxing music on and look at your DD or a photo of her and think happy, loving thoughts - it really makes a difference even though it sounds a bit silly.
((Hugs)) Being a new mum is really hard at times. And breastfeeding is not the natural easy thing that it can be made out to be.
Have you tried calling the Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline? (1800686268) They are fantastic, and will be able to listen to your problems and give you some suggestions on how to fix them. They are fantastic and have really helped me. The best thing about it - the call is free.
It sounds like some of the PPs have given you some good suggestions, feed more frequently, try to use the SNS if you can (they can be somewhat tricky) and express between feeds. If you can hire an electric pump that might be helpful too (ABA also do this).
Hope it all becomes easier soon, but just remember you are doing the best job you can with the information you have now. And don't forget to look after yourself a little too.
p.s- just got back from docs appt- DD has finally put her birth weight back on!

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