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Heating water for formula Rss

I have to formula feed my 4 month old DD due to health problems. Until now I have been putting cold preboiled water into her plastic BPA free avent bottles and heating them in the microwave before adding the formula powder. Is this safe? How to other parents heat the water?
Hi, I would use the cooled boiled water & top up with just boiled water to make it warm.

But there shouldn't be any problem putting the pba free bottles in the microwave. As long as your adding the formula after heating the water you should be fine, whatever works for you grin
When I'm home I just top up with freshly boiled water. When going out I usually put hot water in and it is warm enough when feeding time comes around.

With DD1 I used to use the microwave and then put the formula in but I find it so much easier just using boiled water.

Whatever works really!
That is fine, I did that with my DD with now issues. It is easy, as when you are out and about, most places now have parents rooms with microwaves.
No problem the way your doing it.

You could pre-make all bottles for the day and store in the fridge then just microwave when you need them. The only reason we are told not to microwave is due to hot spots, but if you give at a good shake/stir and test on your wrist (shouldn't be any warmer than your skin) before giving it to bub then it's fine. If you do over heat either let it sit for a few minutes or run it under the cold tap.

I agree with other posts that if your going out and not sure how long your gonna be take water and formula seperate so you don't have to try and keep milk cold or use a microwave. You can get containers with sections in you can measure formula into and take with you, or use zip lock bags, totally up to you.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Can't see a problem as long as you give bottle a good shake. I used to use the Avent bottle warmer at home and take water in a flask when I was out and mix the formula in when it was required.

At about 4 months my baby started going off his milk. I tried him at room temp water and he liked it! It was great for me - no warming required! Might have been the hot weather at the time but I tried him with warm milk as the weather got cold and he spat it out! Maybe give your baby a try on room temperature milk? She may be happy with it!
Thank you for all your replies I feel much better about it now. Glad to know I'm not doing anything wrong.
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