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my 9 week old has decided not to eat! he is bottle fed. when i offer the bottle he wont suck, so i know it isnt colic or reflux becausehe wont even take any! i havent changed formula or teats, and he is going 4 hours between feeds. why wont he eat??
if i dont feed him then he wont sleep and we will end up snacking all day, which is not an option. he wont even eat his morning bottle, after going 6 - 8 hours without a bottle!
any advice appreciated!

Just wait a bit longer.
Does he cry and winge?
If not then just wait he will let you know when he is hungry trust me they get grumpy and whinge. Babies usually need about a good hr or so to wake up in the morning before they are ready to eat.
Don't worry yourself about it. To save formula while he is doing this you should down his milk for a bit.
Good luck

Mumma of 3.

hi danae,

I am having a very similar problem with my 6 week old. She has decided to play up with her bottle feeds since monday. She has decided to fight the bottle too.

I thought it might be relux because she has reguretated some of her feeds on occasion but the childhood center nurse is not convinced. I ened up at the hospital the other day with her becasue i thought that she was dehydrated and wanted to know if there was an underlying medical cause ie virus causing her to go off her food. They told me they could not find anything wrong but they saiod she could have reflux and to follow up with my GP.

Since that day she has not vomited however is still drinking alot less with her bottles only having 20mls at times and completly refusing the bottle screaming.. However she will happily take her dummy at this time. I constantly burp her to make sure it isnt wind but it doesnt seem to help.

I notice it was last week when u posted your message i hope everything has improved for you.


Jacki (NSW), Caitlyn Grace born 3/4/2006

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