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What brand of formula? Lock Rss

My 7 week old is currently having Karicare Gold formula, i notice that because she is hungry she drinks about 50ml and then fusses and doesn't want anymore. I wait a little bit and offer her more, but i feel that it is coming back up becaise as soon as i put her in the feeding position and put the bottle in her mouth she doesn't want anything to do with it. Can anyone suggest whether i should another formula and if so which one?
May not be the formula but worth trying something different to see. I used S26 with my first babe but had lots of wind/constipation problems and am using Heinz with my second and no problems whatsoever. Could also be reflux??
i use karicare goats milk formula after having lots of problems with consitpation, wind and reflux on normal cows milk formula (i tried karicare and karicare ar) and was advised to try the goats milk by a homeophath. most of his reflux and fussy symptoms disappeared within a week and he settled better into sleep and play. the peadiatrician said i could try normal formulas in the near future, as he may have reacted to the cows milk because babies digestive systems are so sensitive and immature. i have also heard goats milk is closer to breast milk than cows milk and easier to digest. i was also told that if i was to change formula to give each one at least a week so that you can tell if there is any improvement as it takes some time for the previous formula to get out of their systems. good luck!! but i think most formulas are similar, there is no BEST formula, some babies just prefer different ones whether it is because of taste or whether their systems just take to it better.

we were on goats milk, but the cost was getting to much. i heard hospitals use s26. i was then told SMA is a cheaper version of s26 (there made from the same company)
me partners mother also used sma. her daughter would not have any thing else, sma is supose to be a heavire formula.
good luck
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