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S26 gold vs Karicare Gold! Lock Rss

I used Karicare Gold with DD & never had any problems. I am due to have my 2nd c-sec in 8wks & the hospital only supply S26. If I choose a different formula I'll have to bring in my own bottles, wash & steralise them, etc. It sounds like less hassle to just use what they are providing.
But...I have heard a lot of issues regarding constipation with S26, not sure if that's the Gold type though.

Just after some people's expierences regarding the two. Thanks

DS always had karicare once I started formula feeding him and for abit of a change I thought I would try S-26 and it made him very constipated (Poor little fella's poo's were literally like stone.) And he would get very upset trying to push it out. So we switched back to Karicare and there were no problems at all.

I've always used karicare with my two kids and I never had a problem with it. They started having it from about 6/7 months. Is there someone else that could do it for you? Even just through the day so you don't have to do it all the time?

my son is on S26 when we first put him on it he did get constipated but really only for the day and it didnt seem to worry him too much, we havent had any issues since.
Thanks girls, I am getting in touch with my m/w to suss out how I go about sterilising my bottles, I'm going to stick with Karicare Gold.

Thanks for the feedback smile

Also, what if i used their S26 for the 3 days I'll be there & then switch to Karicare Gold once we're home?
Would that be ok for baby?

Hey I used both formula as top ups and both gave me baby lots of spewin and tummy pains
I wouldnt change formula after a few days , its not hard work to sterilise bottles
you could express breast milk for a few weeks as a backup incase the formula causes tummy pain

good luck
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