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Help!!! I canot choose the right formula Lock Rss

My 8.5 weeks old baby is on Aptamil Gold+ and it is making his stool very watery; we have also tried the Aptamil Original and his stool is still watery... Please any recommendation...I don't know which formula to try...

Thanks a lot
There is no "right" formula. Breastmilk is made for babies tummies and formula takes some getting used to. The ingredients can vary from brand to brand so you just need to find one that YOUR baby will tolerate. Some brands do trial sizes, you could check with a few pharmacys around you to see which brands they have trial sizes in. You'll probably need to give each one a few days to get an accurate idea of if its suitable for your bub.
I have used S26 Gold for both my children and had no problems smile

I firstly tried s26 newborn, and bubs got very constipated on it! Was horrible
Switched to Heinz nurture and have never had problem since smile I've actually not seen a complaint on Heinz smile
Autumn11 wrote:
I have used S26 Gold for both my children and had no problems smile

Same here. all the way to step 4..
Is this your first baby? Baby stools often are very loose and sometimes they don't have much substance at all. How long has bub been on the formula for? Is there a possibility he has a tummy bug? I would only be concerned if they are extremely frequent + explosive. People usually have more issues with constipation with formula. Also, are you following the correct instructions as per the tin i.e water to scoops ratio?

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Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.

I changed him to S26 Gold, he hasn't had a stool for the last 24 hours , so I am a bit worried now that he might have gotten constipated... What do you think I should do?

Thank you
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