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allergic to formula? Lock Rss

ok-bubs was very constipated on s26 gold, so switched to s26 Original and has been on it for 3wks (?) and has had diarahea every nappy since. was doing 6-8 a day but past week about 4 poo's a day. all r yuk smelling, she gets lower tum pains, cries like it hurts to fart n seems harder to settle bcause of this. looked on this site and it seems like she could b allergic to cows milk formula. she's putting on weight well n loves feed time. what to do? she's 6wks old.
You can try her on other formula's, I would probably opt for goats milk formula first and see how she is on that for about a week or so. Goats milk formula still has lactose but it is a much smaller percentage, failing that I would go and have a chat with your dr first before trialling a lactose free or other specialised formula. My son has been on goats formula for about 6 months and he suffers from mild lactose intolerance.
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