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Newborn snack to combat? Lock Rss

So you'd think I'd remember this from the first time around but, I don't!

Our second born (who's just 10 days old) tends to like a bit of a "snack" between his bottles sometimes and I'm not sure how to get past it?

He generally wakes/eats every 3-4 hours but, sometimes during the day I find he stays awake for about 1 hour, just looking at the world and then wants a tiny top-up before finally nodding off to sleep. During the day this doesn't bother me but, at night, totally different story!

Having said that, he's not stayed awake that long at night but, last night for example, he ate at 12.45am (100ml), 3am (70ml), 5.30am (20-30ml) and again at like 6.20am (70ml). In between that 12.45-3am feed he kept making a bit of noise, more like a squeak or squirm, not a cry but, the only way to get him to sleep was to give him more milk!

Is there a way to bypass the "snack" feed or, do I just run with it until he's over it?

I know it isn't what you are hoping for, but I think he is acting in a very normal newborn way, and there isn't much you can do but ride it out. The only thing I think might help is feeding as often as possible during the day (encourage those daytime snacks), and exposure to daylight first thing in the morning (to help set the body clock). Those early weeks can be really hard work, I hope he consolidates some sleep for you soon.

Why is he having bottle top ups? Don't time or measure feeds, just let him take what he needs and your supply will catch up. If you can offer extra feeds during the day you'll be helping to boost supply but also might help cut down the frequent night feeding. Bottle top ups will only interfere with your supply in the long run.
Little Miss' wrote:
~Ruby~Gloom~ wrote:
I read it that she was bottle feeding? As she said he is snacking between his bottles.

I assumed bottle top ups. OP, are you giving ebm or abm?
He's on bottles, not breast milk (no judgement preferred please as there are many personal and private reasons for this choice).
PinaI wrote:
He's on bottles, not breast milk (no judgement preferred please as there are many personal and private reasons for this choice).

I have no advice for abm, sorry. Do you feel you were given support to breastfeed? As bub is only 10 days old, with the help of a good lactation nurse and lots of support at home you could still get bub on the breast if you wanted to.
Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
That is pretty standard because they only have little belly's that need regular filling. smile Being that he is only 10 days he is probably still getting use to the whole out in the world thing you might need to give it a little more time before expecting long sleeping stints and less feeding.

+2 and congratulations on your newest little man smile
It's very normal feeding behaviour Pinal, even for a bottle fed baby. He has a small stomach capacity and to keep his blood sugar levels high enough he will need to eat frequently. It's not really snacking, it's just normal and it is generally a stage that passes fairly quickly - usually by about 4-6 wks most babies are having at least one 5-6 hour break in 24 hours (and you just hope that it is at night time!) I'd just roll with it now, remember all those settling techniques from your first and ride it out. Can your partner do one of the feeds overnight to give you a bit of rest?

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Thanks everyone, for the replies...they've been most helpful!
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