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water to bubs??? Rss

is it a necessity to give babies water..? if so how much. mum says i should between feeds and others say its not nessessary. when i give her water she doesnt have much of a feed...
Hi Jenn,
I personally do not think it is necessary to give water to bubs, especially if you are breastfeeding. If they need an extra feed you can just b/f. But this is just my opinion. My mum was told with us kids that she had to stick to 4 hr feeds and any extra feeds if bub was hungry was to be boiled water. But times have changed. It depends if you are giving your baby water to satisfy hunger or not, maybe she may need extra milk feeds?
water is not necessary for a breastfed baby, although it probably was recommended back when we were babies, it can lessen bubs apetite for breastmilk (which is not a good thing). breastmilk is very thirst quenching as well as supplying all the calories needed for growth. in hotter weather or when bubs is thirsty you may find she wants to feed more frequently or have shorter little drinks more often. keeping up your water intake by drinking when you are thirsty is a good way to ensure bubs is kept well hydrated smile

mum of 3 girls

Hi There
I asked my dr this question and he told me that breastfed babies do not need water as they get all the nutrients they need in their milk, Water will just fill your baby up and will then not drink enough milk.
Hope this helps...

Lorraine, WA

I think that you can give water but not so that it interferes with her feeds. So say, an hour after a milkfeed about 10mls or so, not just before she is due for a feed though...

If you bf then water is not necessary, I think there is alot in the foremilk.

It is recommended that a fully breastfed baby doesn't need water as they get all their nutrition and hydration from breast milk. They also say that giving water will diltue breast milk. However, in saying that, in the hospital after having my little girl she was found to have lost too much weight and dehydrated a little too when they did the scheduled weigh in on day 5 when i was leaving. Ever since then I gave her a few sips of water after her nap and allthe way through and she is 7.5 months now. It didn't hurt her and it is up to you, but can you imagine going through so many hours like your baby does inbetween feeds without a sip of water? That was only me and my thinking and she is still fine to this day. You do what you feel is right for you and for your baby is all I can offer. SJ
Hi there , I have a 2mth old baby boy and I started to give him water when he was 4 weeks old. Sometimes he seemed to be hot and thirsty so I gave him some water and he drinks it when he is thirsty. He doesnt mind it and only drinks it when he wants it!

Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

i feed my boy water. he drinks so much and is on formula i am worried about him having to much formula. some times he drinks a lot of water other times he just has the bottle sitting in his mouth and he wont take any.
if he does drink a lot of water and is still wanting more then i feed him formula.
also some times i will use it while i am getting my formula ready.
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