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PLEASE HELP- im in so much pain feeding :-( Lock Rss

Have seen midwife today & the thrush infection is deep in my milk ducts & getting into my system sad My nipples are so bad- so we have decided to express in the meantime (even though I really dont want to) but its slightly less painful than feeding & ALOT quicker. After a few days or however long hopefully I will be feeling alot less sore & can get him to try latch again. No tongue tie but lip tie- midwife said this wouldnt affect feeding though?? xx
Tongue and lip ties don't always affect their feeding but it certainly affected my daughters feeding. We had it snipped when she was about 2 or 3 days old because she couldn't latch at all.

Ive had severe nipple thrush, so I feel for you sad You've mentioned a lot of what I would of suggested but one thing i'm not sure if you've tried- when you're in the shower use a separate flannel (and use a new one each shower) to try to get the thrush off. My doctor even told me to squeeze them like a pimple. It's painful to a point and only do as much as you can handle- don't go over the top. It's gross but it helps rid you of it faster.
Tickeled pink do you mean squeeze the nipple like a pimple?? Midwife has reffered me to a lactation consultant, she must be amazing as earliest appointment I can get is in 2 1/2weeks. Am back to full time expressing for now as even though it still stings at least I can control it eg stop when its too much & its over ALOT quicker than my wee man feeding for up to an hour each time! Im also going to the doctor tommorow as dont think I should feel like this, my boobs just constantly sting sad The things we do for our babes! So worth it but hard none the less x
Mamalove you deserve a medal. You should print out this thread and keep it in a file along with photos of your poor painful boobies, so if anyone now or in the future gives you s#$% about your mothering decisions, about bfing or not bfing, you can tell them to check out this doozy and ask what they would have done in your place!
I was fortunate to be able to BF both my boys to 2yo, but the first 2 months were not easy and I can sympathise about the sore cracked nipples, attachment issues etc! But as a pp said, it kind of clicks after 6-8 weeks (longest 6-8 weeks of my life!) I hope your thrush gets better soon. It sounds awful. Big hugs!
I remember feeling so guilty that one of my twins wouldnt bf and I had to express for her as well as exclusively bf my ds as well. I cant imagine how it would feel with that feeling. When my twins were only 2 weeks old I had to go on antibiotics and steroid cream as I had a reaction to something that was used during my c section and I ended up with dermatitis, which i had never had before, it was all over my stomach and it broke out on my feet and spread to to my legs and the scratching was driving me insane so my ob got me into a dermatologist asap and I had to go on medication. I switched my twins to formula for the time it took to clear, around 2ish weeks, and during that time I continued to express and had to throw it all away, but it kept my supply up so that I could start bf again once I was better, and we continued without any problems, still expressing for one twin though, but I know I could not have been able to continue with the dermatitis the way it was. I hope things clear up for you soon
Mamalovexoxoxox wrote:
I have a 4week old & im about to throw in the towel breast feeding. I have gone from one extreme to another- had mastastis then not enough milk, Ive had blisters (still do) & cracked nipples & then got breast feeding thrush (which Id never even heard of) OMG the pain- feels like im being stabbed deep inside my boob/back each feed,now also got shooting pains in my elbow/arm. I have had cream from my midwife for a week & STILL in agony & not gone. My son has got drops even though hes not showing symptoms just to be safe- I googled & am doing everything I possibly can. Taking probiotics, washing my hands a million times a day, changing breast pads every single feed (which is alot) washing my nipples before & after feed with water & vinegar solution. I am now missing a chunk of nipple & I just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel... I REALLY want to breast feed my son any advice would just be so so appreciated, i feel like a failure, my husband keeps telling me im doing amazing & formula is fine but i just cant help but feel like people will judge me if I give up & that im not doing whats best for my son.... Thanks in advance xxxxx
Hey mamalove,

You are doing a great job. I also suffered with my little one, I had thrush on the breasts for ages and my son would had it also so we were just re-infecting each other and it felt like razor blades. I went and saw my lactation consultant and she taught me some great techniques. I also began bottle feeding in the middle of the day just to give my boobs a rest and me. Listen to your heart and do what you feel is right.
Have been to doctor again this morn as am just beside myself- i have damaged the ligments in my pictorial muscle??? Which will be contributing to shooting pain down my arm & elbow & I am being sent for an ultrasound as some of my milk ducts are being 'filled' & the others remaining empty which isnt normal sad In the meantime have made the heartbreaking (to me anyway) decision to mix feed. I am so stressed I cant even express enough for my hungry boy & after expressing for 2days & feeding in a bottle I battled for nearly 2hours to get him to latch this morn with no luck & then expressed a measley 20ml even though I know theres more in there. My pride/goal to breastfeed is nowhere near as important as my son who is hungry & needs to be fed. I could see that if i didnt make this decision that soon Id have no milk at all to give. This way I can still feed him my breastmilk for a longer period of time & even though he will be having formula as well he will still be getting some good stuff. I feel alot better now ive made the decision- like a weights been lifted off & i feel alot better in myself. I also know by doing this ill be alot more benefit to my 2year old who at the moment cant understand why i cant hold him as it hurts so much. Thanks for being so supportive, i really appreciate it x
I am very glad you could come to this decision. So often in life we want things a certain way, but it just doesn't run like that. You're being the best mum you can! Hope you can get your health sorted and be back to 100% soon xx
Mamalove are you in Auckland? I can highly recommend a GP/lactation consultant in Milford who specialises in tongue and lip tie and will treat it for you. My understanding is if there is a lip tie it is extremely likely that there is also a tongue tie. It might just be at the very back and not visible to a midwife (who generally aren't trained to pick up anything except the obvious tongue ties at the front). I also know of another very good lactation consultant in the more central Auckland area, who comes highly recommended if you want to try someone else to get in sooner? My midwife told me my daughter didn't have a tongue tie. And that it would take me too long to get an appointment with a lactation consultant so wasn't worth a bother (my situation wasn't as bad as yours). Turns out at 7 months she couldn't eat solids and I got her seen properly and we had to laser the tongue tie then (she also had lip tie that didn't need treating). Would have saved so much trouble to do it early and saved us the $800 that it cost to do it on an older baby rather than just a quick snip!

Sounds like you're having an awfully rough time sad I hope mix feeding is working for you. You're so early on, even if you are bottle feeding/mix feeding now, with a bit of help from a lactation consultant there is a really good chance you might be able ot get back to fully BF once everything heals up, so don't give up hope if that's what you want to do. For now, I agree with everyone else. Number one priority is feeding your bubs and looking after yourself and your toddler. Hope it all works out. Let me know if you want the contact details xx
oh and having a lip tie can affect feeding. If bubs can't roll out the top lip, then they can't get a deep enough latch and end up "chomping". My daughter was a "chewy" feeder too. I still remember my midwife telling me my bleeding nipples were my fault because I didn't concentrate hard enough on getting a good latch at 2am. Hmmmmm............Despite everything, and without the tongue tie getting fixed, the pain improved around 6weeks as someone else mentioned and I only just weaned her at 19 months.
I feel for you. My newest addition is now 3 months old and we've also had a rocky start to breastfeeding, not as bad as you though but ive had supply problems?latch problems?damaged nipples & thrush. I had supply problems with my 1st who is now 4?so she was mix fed for the 1st couple of months and went on to be be brestfed for 14months. Anyways i was so confident it would be easier this time round. Haha but it was worse and i felt the guilt of not having enough milk and the guilt of giving formula so bub would put on weight & the guilt of not having the time i did with my 1st to work on breastfeeding. Anyways so we are at 3 months and it is better bub is mostly breastfed but gets 2 top ups of formula a day and it works for me, i decided to let go of the guilt. All that matters is bub is fed?happy and healthy and so mum, so however it turns out for you in the long run just remeber that.
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