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PLEASE HELP- im in so much pain feeding :-( Lock Rss

I tried for five months with my first, but my milk never came in I'm 36 weeks pregnant now and I have promised myself first sign of problems I will switch to formular stress is not good with a little one! Good luck
Totally agree... If your suffering so as your bub, I would recommend to opt for formula feeding. It would be better than agonizing the pain and making the experience traumatic for you and your kid. Invest in quality feeding products so, your kid still gets the best even though you no longer breast feed her.

Take care =)
I breastfed my first for 4 months, we had attachment issues and I subsequently had everything under the sun. Nipple blisters, nipple thrush, mastitis 9 times, used shields, had to pump for a few weeks and saw a lactation consultant 6 times. It was hell, it completely ruined my first 4 months of motherhood and my son hated feed times. Switching to formula was the BEST thing I ever did. I am proud I got past the 3 month mark but at the same time I am expecting number 2 and if things are similar I will not beat myself up about it this time around. I have a robust, healthy little toddler and formula was the best thing I ever did for him as well. Try as long as you want but do not feel bad if you give up.
I had the same problem in the first week of breast feeding my son, a part of my nipple was missing too. It is painful but now I've persevered through it i'm loads more comfortable and confident. For me my problem was positioning - a mm off in positioning and it can be excruciatingly painful. My partner was really understanding and supportive - he even offered the option of me expressing off and him taking a few of the feeds as well! It's always a good idea o see a breastfeeding support worker and just get them to show you how to latch properly - it felt like I was a failure and I couldn't feed my son properly myself - but lots of mums have this problem - especially first time mums like myself.
I think its normal to experience pain specially if you are a first time mom. I experienced sore nipples and extreme pain nips for the first 3 weeks. I was about to give up but my aunt encourage me to breastfeed. I'm glad that I made it, my daughter is now 6 months old and she's EBF.


I second a nipple shield, buy a few different types if you have too, my baby was very fussy, he liked a big nipply part. I also used to eat fenugreek seeds to boost my supply - you were supposed to make tea with them but I don't like tea so I used to swallow a spoonful like a tablet. They now sell fenugreek in a capsule they sell them at health food stores. Always worked for me, I used everytime I needed my supply to increase or lol if I wanted to store some in the freezer.
The fact that you are still breastfeeding whilst enduring all this just shows how much of a great job you are doing!
I went through similar and it even threw me into PND because I felt as though I had failed. Now when I look back on it I know that I did everything and was a great mum. Do not let anyone tell you that you are any less of a mother or person if you choose to go with formula. Formula is also good... My bun was on it and he is a healthy happy boy!!! A lot happier than when I was breastfeeding and he could sense my pain and anxiety.

Hope this helps and hope you go easy on yourself cause clearly you do care!!!! Xx
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