Mastitis is truly horrible but there are some natural ways you can help alleviate the symptoms.

1. Get as much rest as you can. Ask for help - get a friend or family member to watch your little one while you sleep without anyone bothering you. The housework and dirty dishes can wait - your body is stressed out and needs to slow down and heal.

2. Nurse often. Although it may be extremely painful, you need to let your baby feed frequently to keep your milk supply flowing and avoid further blockage. If your little one doesn’t empty the inflamed breast during each feeding, finish the job yourself with a breast pump.

3. Massage your breasts. Take a hot shower or bath often throughout the day and massage your breast to help release the pressure. This will hurt a lot but one of the advantages is that you will be able to express some milk while massaging,which will help to ease the pain.

4. This might sound totally strange but the old wive's tale is true - Stuff your bra with grated onions or potatoes. This will help to reduce inflammation and heal the infection. They will draw the toxins out of your boobs. You should do this 4 times a day. Each time simply leave the onion or potato in your bra for 5 minutes. Do this a total of 3 times.

5. Boost your immune system - Take echinacea and yarrow. Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit and salads.

Have you got any natural remedies that helped you to ease the pain of mastitis? Let us know...