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Do I just give up Lock Rss

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter just 4 days ago the birth went fine but there became problems when I wasn't clotting as part of my placenta was left inside. I had a traumatic next 24 hours as I am extremely needle phobic and was stabbed in what felt like every place possible. I have been trying really hard to breastfeed baby but after having the midwives on the ward throw her on my breast and not latch properly has given me really sore breasts. On babys 3rd day of being in the world the lactation specialist was on shift and helped me get her sorted properly. Unfortunately after no sleep for 3 days straight and being made to feel like I wasn't doing something right I asked for a bottle and the next morning asked to be discharged from the ward. I really want to try breast feeding baby but I'm really struggling and its starting to get me really down.
I know it can be a bit difficult. Just don't be too hard on yourself. Keep on trying and things will improve. I guess the really good reason for visiting the clinic I am visiting is that they provide you with a nanny. So I am sure everyone first-time mom especially has this issue. Therefore, a nanny to assist you can be of great help. I really thought it was so considerate of them. Good luck to you.
Hey there! I can understand what you are going. Don't stress yourself over this hon. It will have a bad impact on your body. Hire a nanny so you can sort out your life. When you have your life in order then you can take care of everything by yourself. Stay blessed!
Stress can really affect that. You need to calm down and relax. Just keep trying. Everything will be fine. If you are frustrated then hire a nanny. You can rest for sometime and start again when you're healthy enough.
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